Report 12/1/18

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Report 12/1/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:08 pm

Cooby Dam
Cooby has been really popular the last couple weeks with lots of anglers having good success, both land based and from the boat. Areas in the main basin out from the boat ramp and near the Reflections boat ramp has been popular with a lot of good sized yellowbelly and cod being landed throughout the day on both bait and lures. Saltwater yabbies have been the best bait while Cooby Cobber lures and Little Rippers have been the better lures. Land based fishing up towards the rock wall has been a lot better as you will avoid the weed and be able to fish the deeper water closer to the bank. Again saltwater yabbies have been best off the bank along with spinnerbaits. There has been some big cod caught this week and with a building barometer things are looking promising this week at Cooby.

Leslie Dam
Leslie continues to produce good numbers of fish with some better sized fish showing up including some nice murray cod. They have fallen prey to trolling lures like Oargee Plows and Golden Childs through the day and then fishing spinnerbaits late in the afternoon. Salt water yabbies and live shrimp have been best for the bait fishing and fishing in the deeper part of the creek bed has produced the best fishing.

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook has been producing some quality bass fishing in the deeper water out from the main lake points. There have been some small schools in around 30ft of water. Casting metal spoons has been the best way to catch them slow rolling them near the bottom. Other sinking type lures have also worked along with live shrimp and worms fished on a sinker just up off the bottom when bait fishing it will sometimes attract the smaller fish first.

Copeton Dam
Lately the water has been let out of Copeton and the level has been dropping rapidly which has pushed the fish deep taking away the surface and edge bite. Making the fish congregate more in the deeper water this has worked well for the yellowbelly which are all schooling up nicely out from the main lake points in around 25-30 ft of water and biting really well with some really big yellowbelly landed this week around the 60cm mark. It has made the cod fishing a little harder but still a few nice ones picked up trolling Mumblers in around 20ft.

Macintyre/ Severn / Dumarsqu Rivers
With all the waters being released from the lakes over the past couple weeks there is a big flow running through the rivers moving a lot of water down which has slowed the ability to fish for now ,but the fresh will be great for the rivers in the coming weeks/months and the rivers will be the place to go towards the end of summer and into autumn. With a great break on the rivers over the closed breeding season and a fresh flush of water through will make for some great fishing.

Sunshine Coast fishing
Close reefs out from the sunshine coast have been fishing well inner and outer regions have produced both bottom fish and pelagics with big coral trout and the odd snapper still landed. It makes for a nice esky when the dolphin fish, mackerel and wahoo are also on the bite trolling hardbodies around the reefs. This warm still weather wont last to long so take it while you can.

Tip of the Week
Right now there are 2 aspects I am looking at when deciding my fishing time and location. Firstly is boating/fishing pressure, how many boats and anglers will be targeting my fishing spot? this will have a big effect on your success rate and secondly the barometer there is no doubt it plays a big part in fish activity. The old saying “ten twenty fish are plenty” is pretty spot on as the barometer has picked up we have seen a rise in the activity. keep an eye on it, once a cold front comes it can drop pretty quick and ruin you plans.

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Tim Mutimer with a nice 65cm yellowbelly from Copeton Dam.

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