Weekly Report 19 Dec 12 - Jim Raines

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Weekly Report 19 Dec 12 - Jim Raines

Post by Brad » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:28 pm

Well the weather is a bit iffy at the moment some days very good others not so good. However that is about par for the course for this time of year, the fishing is still a bit patchy – some areas are going well- others not so good. The problem seems to right up and down the coast and there are lots of theories about what may be the problem but it is probably something to do with the water temp. We can’t do much about it so just have to wait it out. The mangrove jack, seem to be around in fair numbers and are going well in the Donnybrook area and their quality is pretty good. They are also in the Bribie area and a few from the Caboolture River. Some good bream around Donnybrook and also there a few coming from the Bribie area. Still some fair flathead around in most areas but they are not as plentiful as they have been.

We have some good whiting around and while they are not thick by any means, they are pretty good quality fish. There is the odd good snapper coming in from the estuaries and also from the Tangalooma area. There are some very good cobia around the cape and the Shipping Channel and a few spotted mackerel around but are a bit scarce. There are lots of small black marlin in the Trench, around Hutchies and out from the Cape . It is the best season for these little scrappers’ for years There ranging in size from 100kg down to 20 kg but if you are inclined to have a go at one of these now is the time to see how good you are at small game fishing . Back in the passage there are very few crabs around at the moment but there are lots of winter whiting around the Cockle banks.

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