Report 19/06/14

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Report 19/06/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 19, 2014 3:06 pm

With the weather improving a little this week anglers have been able to get out there and wet a line. The reports from the saltwater have been relativly promising with the pick of the locations being around Peel Island in the Bay and the Seaway down the Gold Coast.

The Seaway is fishing well at the moment for Tailor, GTs, Jewfish and the odd Kingfish. Tailor are the most common species encountered at the moment and can be targeted off the rock wall or from a boat. If using baits try pillchards and cast them into the gutters on the sand pumping jetty side of the rockwall. Inside the Seaway itself they are moving around in packs and either surface lures like the Williamson Surface Pro130s or chrome lures will see you catching the larger members of the pack.

The Jewies and Kingies are being hooked near the sunken pipe and off the tips of the rock walls down deep. The method of choice at the moment is using micro jigs as they can help get to the bottom in the ripping current. The storm Jigs are great and opting to upsize your jig assist hooks is a must if you want to stay connected to one of these fish in the structure they call home. Baits of squid or live pike also work well but will see you hook up to random bycatch like stingrays, cod and the odd mackerel.

Gt's are still fairly common at the momnet and these bullies cruise up and down the rockwalls tormenting fish as they go. The best method to use at the moment is hopping vibes like the Jackall Transams around bait schools. Lock the drag on your reels as when these Gts are hoocked they tend not to fight fair, and the fish will often end up in the rocks rather than on the deck of your boat.

The dams of the South East corner are fishing fairly tough at the moment and people are now taking advantage of the regulation change to the bass closed season. Anglers can now target bass in non-tidal waters and dams within Queensland year round. The bass will be schooling up in the middle of the rivers in the deeper holes and anglers with access to kayaks are making the most of this. Slow rolling paddle tail plastics like the Norries Spoon tails or Keitech Shiners are proving deadly on the bass and yellowbelly.

Fishing the edge can still be rewarding though and using deep diving suspending lures like the Imakatsu Dilemma 60 will see you remain in the strike zone for longer and hopefully trigger the bass into smashing your lure. Baits of live worms or shrimp are still go to baits for bass and yellow belly in the rivers and are a great option if you want to have a relaxing day out with the kids.


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