Report 18/9/15

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Report 18/9/15

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:34 am

With a forecast of rain over the weekend and less than ideal weather conditions it might pay to stay in close to the estuaries and sheltered areas. With the flathead on the chew almost everywhere and a bit of freshwater stirring other predators up like bass, jacks, Jewies and bream there is a pretty big silver lining to the less than ideal weather.

Due to the Flathead Classic coming up there have been a lot of reports from anglers trying to locate productive spots to fish during the competition. Many people are keeping the exact locations close to their hearts but there have been a lot of flathead caught lately, some getting close to the meter mark. The Pin is a great place to go and try for flathead as it in made up of numerous sandy rivers, creek mouths and sandbars which flathead love to call home. A great way to find them is trolling small hard bodies along drop offs or around creek mouths as flathead will often sit and wait for food to ambush. Ideal lures to try would be the Ecogear SX60's, Lucky Craft Pointers or the Zerek Tango Shads. all of these dive fairly deep and will regularly make contact with the bottom creating puffs of sand to get the flatheads attention.

If you want to try casting lures at them you can try shallow divers or soft plastics into the shallows and working them over the drop offs. This method can be particularly successful for chasing the larger fish as they will often sit in better ambush locations that trolling can't access. Don't be afraid to throw very large plastics either as a 40cm fish will hit a 15cm plastic with no hesitation. Nories Spoon-Tails in the 6inch size are great for hunting trophy fish.

The recent rains have seemed to stir up a few other predators and it seems everyone is getting in on the action. Many bait anglers are reporting bumper catches of bream and tailor at the mouths of the rivers and even in the Broardway. Pilchards seem to be the best option for tailor and even land based anglers in the Spit or off the Beaches are getting good catches still. Bream are falling for a wider range of baits from prawns to squid with pippies being the go to off the beaches.

lures will work and i recently got stuck into a heap of bream near the Pin Bar using micro jigs meant for jewies so they must really be firing up. Blades and crank baits like the Atomic 38D, and Jackall Chubbies slowly craned near rock walls will smash a few for sure.

Remember bream and flathead are currently spawning at the moment and if you are keeping few for the table try to limit your catch to what you will eat not your limit as we need them to help repopulate for the future.

In the dams Maroon has responded well to the rains and the late arvo surface bite is well and truly in the swing of things. Small poppers and frog imitations worked out there for a few customers who had great sessions a little wet but still fun. The bass will move into the shallows and look for insects, fogs and fish that have either been washed in or stranded near the bank and make for aggressive targets when lure fishing. Cast your lures like the Jackall Mask Frogs or Tiemco Soft Shell Cicada as close to the weed edge as possible and retrieve as slowly as possible to allow the bass to see it and smash it.

Baits of worms and shrimp will still work but spangles have been fierce of late and hard to get past when targeting bass. Persistence is the key and once the spangles are full on your worms the bass will finally get a chance to eat it.

Good luck to everyone going out and remember to share your pics on the Charlton's Facebook page if you manage to get out this weekend.


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