Report 25/9/15

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Report 25/9/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:57 pm

School holidays are here and plenty of people have been getting out there and taking the kids for a fish.

In the local rivers bass are still responding well to a wide range of lures and baits and the fishing can be fairly consistent at times. If you are land based Colleges Crossing or Mt Crosby are great places to start but both areas get a fair bit of pressure so you will need to get there early morning or fish later in the afternoon for best results. If you have access to a kayak the fishing options open up as you can get away from pressured areas and target better areas.

Baits of freshwater worms or prawns will work a treat if you want to soak a few baits. Use a very small sinker and smaller hook for better results and if fishing heavy structure a float may be needed.

If you want to throw a few lures surface poppers or walk the dog style lures are doing well at night and early morning as the bass are feeding close the edges and near the surface. Allow a few pauses during your retrieve as the bass find this irresistible and will often hit during the pause. During the day diving lures and spinnerbaits have been working well. Anglers targeting structure like snags, rocky edges and weed banks during the day have been doing well.

Snapper and threadfin salmon are still being caught in good numbers in the mouth of the Brisbane River. Most of the fish are being caught by anglers with access to a boat and if the wind stays the way it has been lately it is a great spot to head out as it can remain a little sheltered. The Sunken wall, Dredge drop off and the Fisherman Island Rock Wall are great places to start looking for them. Sounders are a great tool for fishing in these locations as they will allow you to either find fish and bait or structures that will hold the fish.

Baits of pilchards, squid or endeavor prawns are consistent performers at the moment and the run out tide seems to be better particularly around the sunken wall for snapper.

Lures like the Jackall Transams or soft plastics like the Keitech paddle tails are great for these areas. These lures put out good vibrations when worked vertically back to the boat which allow fish to find them in deeper waters. Focus on the same areas you would if bait fishing but drift with the current to cover more water.

Hope everyone can get out for a fish this school holidays and if you do make sure you share a pic on the Charlton’s Facebook page.


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