Report 9/10/15

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Report 9/10/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:45 am

The wind looks like it has picked up a little and the forecast for the weekend doesn’t look much better. This is not that bad as there are plenty of fishing options that are sheltered from the wind.

Canals are a great option if the wind is up, bream, trevally and mangrove jacks are all targets at this time of year. The Coomera and Nerang Rivers are great places to start. If you are chasing bream light lines are a must as the water in the canals is very clear at the moment and the bream are very weary. Small soft plastics have been doing the damage for a lot of anglers lately and some proven plastics are the Z-Man Grubz, Keitech 2inch Easy Shiners and the Berkley Gulp Crabby. By rigging these on a very light jighead you can allow a longer sink rate and fish the pontoons and boat moorings a little easier.

Crank baiting the rock walls and boat moorings are another popular method for targeting larger bream and lures like the Ecogear sx40, Atomic Hardz 38 or the Jackall Chubby will all work well in the canals and come in a variety of depths so you can target different depths depending on where the bream are feeding. Don’t forget to parallel cast rock walls between boat moorings as these areas can often hold good fish. Bi-catch of mangrove jacks, cod, trevally and flathead can be common and a lot of fun on light lines.

If you want to target a few jacks over the weekend early morning or late afternoon seems to be better times and seem to effect their feeding activity more than the tides. Once again focus your attention on structure like boat moorings, rock walls, bridge pylons and rock bars. All these locations allow the jacks to hide and ambush prey. Diving lures like the Lucky Craft Pointer, Westin Platypus or Imakatsu Killer Bill are perfect for fishing these locations as they have a great action and allow you to stay in the strike zone longer. By adding a few jerks and pauses in the retrieve might entice a jack to strike.

Bass are also on the chew in Wivenhoe and Sommerset Dam. Angers have been getting both yellowbelly and bass on a variety of different lures and baits. If you are fishing off the banks Cormorant point near the Dam wall at Wivenhoe Dam is a great place to start and bass are being caught there on worms. Fish the deeper areas near the café for best results and baits of live worms or prawns should see you hooked up. Another good land based spot is Logan’s Inlet and people are catching bass and tilapia on worms and small diving lures around the weed beds. If you are fishing with kids try use a float as the weed can be very thick and snag your line fairly quickly.

Lures are a great choice if you have access to a boat and both Somerset and Wivenhoe are fishing similar. Trolling deep divers like the Smak Brolga, OSP Blitz or the Halco Poltergeists around until you find a school of fish is a popular technique. Once the school is found you can change to vertical presentations like Jackall Mask Vibes or Ice Jigs. The bass in Wivenhoe are being found off the old creek bed and in Sommerset try water 20-25ft deep south of Queen Street as this is a great place to start trolling. Tail Spinners are also accounting for large bass in both dams and casting them out and slowly hopping them back in is the preferred method. You will need to pay attention on the pauses for the bites because they can be very slight.

Hope everyone can get out on the weekend and get stuck into a few fish.

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