Report 15/4/16

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Report 15/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:20 pm

The weather has been a little hit and miss lately however the fishing has remained consistent. From the dams to the bay there are options for everyone this weekend.

If you want to take the boat out for a spin on one of the local dams Somerset Dam seems to be the most consistent with catches of bass, yellow belly and red claw. Bass have started to school up near the old riverbed near Queen Street and Bay 13. Trolling deep diving lures in the 25-30ft depth range seems popular with some huge bass being caught. Try Smak or Arashi deep divers, as they will get to the desired depth range you need. If you want to target schooled fish slow rolling skirted jigs or Tn60s will see you hooked up too. Bi-catch of yellow belly is common at the moment and will only become more common as the water begins to cool down.

If you are targeting red claw at the moment focus on the deeper weed beds near the timber. Best baits are rock melon, make sure you check your pots regularly to make sure you still have bait in them.

The inner bay islands are fishing well at the moment for tusk fish, squire and the odd sweet lip. Southern Peel Island and around Wellington Point are great places to start. Baits of cubed WA pilchards and whole white pilchards are proven in these areas. Lure anglers are catching good numbers of squire around the drop offs using soft plastics like the Keitech and Gulp range. These plastics are heavily scented and are great for beginners, try use the lightest weight possible and slowly hop them in to allow the fish to find them. If you are fishing slightly deeper water you can try using micro jigs or 15g shirted jigs as these will get into the strike zone and stay there longer.

Mangrove jacks are still showing up down the Coomera River and with the weather cooling down they seem to be feeding up. If you are land based try fishing around bridges and man made structures. Baits of mullet fillet or whole poddy mullet are great choices. If you have access to a boat you can try fish with lures like paddle tail soft plastics or shallow divers around pontoons or canal rock walls.

Hope everyone can get out this weekend.

Matthew Osley.

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