Report 15/9/17

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Report 15/9/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Sep 15, 2017 4:50 pm

I definitely think this is one of the best times of the year to fish with the Snapper still being caught throughout the Bay and off shore and the Pelagic s starting to show up in numbers that are well worth targeting inshore and offshore.

Targeting pelagic in Moreton Bay is a great way to fill in certain parts of the tide that don't fish well for the reef species. Targeting Spotty Mackerel with metal lures is by far the most exciting species to target as the action is surface-feeding fish birds diving into the water and the best way to find the fish is looking for the birds.
The schools of fish move fast and the secret to hook up is to work out which way the fish are traveling and not to continually chase the schools with the boat as this tends to send the fish deep and all of the action stops.

Floating a pilchard down a berley trail is also an effective way to target school Mackerel as well as trolling a paravane and a Metal Spoon. The Makka Spoon is the best brand by far and a size 3 is the best size. The spoon needs to be 4-5 meters behind the paravane and trolled in 5 meters of water or more.

The Long Tail Tuna are also starting to make their presence felt with anglers experiencing hook-ups and the reel drag screeching in disapproval of the beast on the other end of the line. Casting at surface-feeding Long Tail Tuna is a very exciting style of fishing, stick bait lures, poppers and soft plastic lures are the best way to target Long Tail Tuna. As to decide what to cast at the fish depends on what bait they are feeding on. The smaller the bait is when to use plastics such as the Keitech shad impact and colour sight flash. When the bait gets larger is when the stick baits and poppers come into their own. The best brands are Jackson Kaiken, Nomad Mad Scad, Nomad 125mm Riptide and the GT Ice Cream .

The Snapper offshore have been caught at the 35s and 29s, the Pearl Perch have been in good numbers on the 100m line - best bait has been Pilchards.

It is also worth a troll for Spanish Mackerel and have a look at the wave rider for Dolphinfish.
In the Bay, most of the action has been around the shallower reefs in the Southern Bay and best baits have been Mullet fillet. The Diver Whiting have been quality fish at the Chain Banks and the Sand Hills - best bait has been Live Blood Worms.

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