Weekly Report 29/11/13

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Weekly Report 29/11/13

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:18 am

Rain last 7 days: 11 mm
Water level current: 64.9 %
Current discharge: 3500 ML per day.
Water level: 20/11/13 66.8 %
Current inflow: 840 ML per day.
Water visibility: up to 2.0 metres in main basin
New Moon = Dec 3rd, Full Moon = Dec 17th
Water Temperature: 21 - 23 deg
Forecast Weather: Mostly sunny with light winds for the weekend, temps between 9 & 29 deg chance of showers Friday morning. Winds to 14 km on Saturday.

Murray Cod
As the season begins this Sunday I can now mention Murray Cod once more. There have been a lot of the big green fish caught during the closed season, which is why the closed period was introduced. In many cases there were more cod then yellows being captured, particularly by the trolling fishos. December is approaching, as is the end of the spring breeding season. I remember last December was when we had the run of 1m-plus fish being caught in the main basin. I will be shooting for another one this year.

Sad to say the fishing has been very quiet at the lower end of Burrinjuck. The only positive report was the 9 yellows caught near Good Hope on Saturday afternoon on the troll. The barometer has been way down for the last week. Let’s hope the approaching high and hot weather stirs things up for the weekend.

Again very quiet. I found a school on Tuesday afternoon on the sounder, but I did not have bait on board and the only lure I could get a touch on was a small curl-tail plastic which I covered in S-Factor scent and dragged on the bottom.

No reports this week.

Silver Perch
No reports this week.

They have also been very quiet. It was about this time last year that the carp started to hit lures. There needs to be warmer weather.

Park News
Mowing, spraying, whipper snippering & watering, that sums up our lives right now! We are ready for the summer holidays.

Dean Brind
Manager, Burrinjuck Waters State Park

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