Weekly Report 02/04/14

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Weekly Report 02/04/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:04 pm

Water level current: 46.1 %
Water level: 26/03/14 44.7 %
Rain last 7 days = 67 mm
Current discharge: 384 ML per day.
Current inflow: 1853 ML per day.
Water visibility: up to 1 metres in main basin
Forecast Weather: Wet. 20 to 40 mm for Thursday. 10 to 20 mm for Friday. 1 to 5 mm for Saturday. Temps between 12 & 21 degrees C for the weekend. Winds up to 10 km from the east.
New Moon = Mar 31st, Full Moon = April 15
Water Temperature: 22- 24 deg

Murray Cod
Fishing has been very quiet this week. One fish was caught on cheese near Cave Island measuring 73cm. Another 70 cm fish was taken on a spinnerbait near Macey’s Bay. That was it for the week. Using cheese for bait has been very popular in the rivers but I have not heard of it being used too much in the Juck. There is a school of thought that the cheese does not do the fish’s digestive system any favours, for those fish that are released. Obviously if the fish is being kept it doesn’t really matter.

Yellow Belly

Tough going again on the weekend with many lure fishermen missing out. Jason from Goulburn fished in the rain on Friday. He used Mask Vibes around the trees in the Bidgee arm and picked up 5 thumping yellows up to 60 cm. I fished Monday & Tuesday with a couple of Burrinjuck regulars. They picked up a heap of shrimp and used these on the trees in the deep at Scrubby picking up over 20 yellows and losing another 10. The biggest fish was 57 cm. I managed only 3 yellows fishing with the Gulp Minnow grubs. My biggest was 54.5 cm, and I also had a lot of touches that didn’t hook up. I was also fishing the trees with the yellows holding around a branch 10 metres down. A couple of boats camped the night on a point at Almost Island and also got a heap of fish bait fishing during the night.

Still no reports of any one getting on to any big numbers. The odd fish on the troll is common. Bait fishermen along the park edge are also picking up a few fish. I managed a few with my plastics in the afternoons on the flats at Scrubby. My bait fishing mates came over with their worms and tied up to my boat so I could watch the school and hold us with the spot lock on the electric. I didn't catch any more fish once they started biting on the worms.

No reports.

Park News
Easter is fast approaching. We still have some vacancies either side of Easter for the school holidays. No need to book for unpowered camping. There will be a mini music festival on Easter Saturday with several acts performing over about 7 hours. I will add more details on our Facebook page. There will also be some kids activities planned for the holidays, movie nights, a disco, arts & crafts & maybe an Easter Egg Hunt.

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park

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