Weekly Report 30/04/14

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Weekly Report 30/04/14

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:42 pm

Current discharge: 468 ML per day.
Water level current: 54.6 %
Current inflow: 1443 ML per day.
Water level: 23/04/14 54.2 %
Water visibility: up to 1 metres in main basin
Rain last 7 days = 22 mm
Forecast Weather snow is predicted to fall on most of NSW higher peaks this weekend. Temperatures will range between 6 & 12 degrees C. Winds from the west up to 19 kmh. Showers Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
New Moon = April 29th, Full Moon = May 15th
Water Temperature: 19-21 deg

Murray Cod
Quiet. Most fishermen were chasing cod on the troll with either large spinner baits or hard bodies. A lot of lures were getting hit but no so many were hooking up. Reports were from all over the dam with no real hot spots. Depth around 15 to 20ft seems to be popular for the trollers. A few cod are still being landed by the bait fishermen while bobbing trees with yabbies shrimp and worms. River campers with lines out at night are also picking up fish. New moon this weekend. No big fish captures reported this week.

Yellow Belly
Have slowed down this week maybe because of the cold front, which passed over on Tuesday night with another one approaching for the weekend. Bobbing around the trees with shrimp still remains the best option but catch rates have dropped off with the right tree getting harder to find. Had a report of 8 yellows being trolled up in the Goodradigbee River using small spinner baits. The Goodradigbee has been reasonably quite this year hopefully the rising water levels will fire up the fish in this river over the next few weeks. The holding depth of the yellows seems mostly to be around 10 metres although I spoke to one group that told me they were pulling fish off the bottom in 50 foot of water. The yellows were coming up with their eyes bulged. These fish will die even if needled for release. The only way to try and avoid the bulging eyes is a very slow retrieve to allow the fish time to equalize. I have had fish with bulged eyes at 30 feet/ 10 metres.

Catch rates have dropped off.

No reports.

Park News
We have now reached the quieter time of year. We now enter our maintenance and repair period. There are no big jobs in the immediate future however some major capital works are in the pipeline that may still be 12 months away. Cottage 8 and 16 are to have air conditioning & TV installed over the coming weeks.

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park.

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