Report 7/11/14

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Report 7/11/14

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:19 am

Current discharge: 1115 ML per day.
Water level current: 77.4 %
Current inflow: 1115 ML per day.
Water level: 29/10/14 79.9 %
Water visibility: up to 2 metres
Rain last 7 days = 1.5 mm
Forecast Weather: Warming up for the remainder of the week. Saturday sunny 10-32 deg, Sunday Sunny 13-30 deg , light winds
Full Moon = November 7thth New Moon = Nov 22nd Water Temperature: 19 - 21 deg

Murray Cod: Closed Season. Rule changes now in force for Vic & NSW, A maximum size limit of 75cm for Murray Cod to provide protection for large breeding fish. Catch and release of large cod will be permitted. A new minimum size limit of 55cm will apply. The taking of two Murray Cod per person during the closed season within Copeton Dam will be permitted.

Yellow Belly: It was tough going during the weekends Burrinjuck Convention. The strong winds, up to 40 knots on Saturday, kept the fish numbers down with only the bigger boats venturing out. A total of only 26 Yellows were weighed in mainly by those chasing the biggest fish prizes. Other reports during the week were better. Yabbies are working the best with a lot of reports of fish over 50cm and some up to 60 cm being caught. The best reports have been coming from the Goodradigbee River Arm from Wade Island up. Lure fishing however is a bit tougher. I managed one only fish this week on a ZX Blade after throwing every other lure and soft plastic in my bag. I was gifted 4 live yabbies on Monday after my morning lure fish. I went back to exactly the same spot I had tried in the morning and caught 4 yellows on the 4 Yabbies I am still fishing in about 15 feet of water bobbing on the bottom. Trolling lures has also been tough. The period just before the sun goes down seems to be the most productive. Tough during the day. There are millions of very small bait fish in the water at the moment which may explain why the lure guys are struggling. No reports from the top end this week maybe due to the weekend weather.
Redfin: The red fin are starting to school up. I have had reports of large schools boiling on the surface. The redie’s would be feeding on the bait fish schools hanging close to the surface.
Silver Perch: 1 fish weighed in during the weekend comp.
Carp: Only 109 fish weighed in on the weekend, again due to the weather. I caught my first carp on a Jackal on Monday, Tony caught another on Tuesday followed by several on a ZX Blade. Carp decide to take lures for a few weeks each year in Burrinjuck. Could be corresponding with the amount of bait fish that are about and no doubt the carp would be feeding on these also.
Park News: Dean will be away for the next 2 weeks, working not fishing, so there will be no reports for the next 2 weeks. Feel free to post your reports on our Facebook page. There are 3 private caravans for sale at the park call the office for details on 02 62278114.

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
Ph: 02 62278114
Angela Bandulet nailed this chunky 4.29kg Burrinjuck golden last week.

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Re: Report 7/11/14

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:20 am

***Please do not reply to this fishing report with a question, as the contributor does not monitor the bulletin boards. If you have a question, please contact the contributor directly on the contact details at the end of the report.***

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