Report 11/9/15

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Report 11/9/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:53 am

Fishing & Lake Report 09/09/2015
Current discharge: 500 ML per day.
Water level 08/09/15: 71.9 %
Current inflow: 4500 ML per day.
Water level 02/08/15: 70.9 %
Water visibility: up to 1.5 metres
Rain past 7 days: 13.6 mm
Forecast Weather: weekend is fine & sunny with temps between 7 & 23 degrees C. Light winds
New Moon = September 13th Full Moon = September 28th Water Temperature: 12 deg
Murray Cod: Closed Season 1st September – 30th November

Yellow Belly: Continue to be the most consistent catch, there were not heaps of reports over the weekend but there were enough to gage the fishing. Small yabbies worked a treat in the Goodradigbee River above Wade Island. Several guys got a bag full of fish up there over the weekend around the trees. The lower end of the Murrumbidgee below Scrubby to the Main Basin also continues to produce some good fish. This weekend will see some long awaited sunshine light winds and some warmth up to 23 degrees on Sunday. Should be well worth a fishing trip. The water levels continue to rise, we would be on about 75% if not for the environmental releases the past week. The water around the edges is also nice and clear. Bait fishing with worms around the banks particularly early morning and evenings, well worth a go. There have been some good fish caught on the troll over the past few weeks. Don’t go to deep, Casting into the sticks, were the trolled lure can’t reach often works better.

Redfin: Not too many reports again this week. Often takes a bit of luck to find a school but then you’re on. Probably won’t get 30 or 40 this time of year but won’t be long. Bait fishing with worms is the best bet.

Silver Perch: I did have one lady swears they caught a silver at 30 cm, took a prawn tail. The easiest id method is to look at the tail with the silvers having a forked tail and the yellows a rounded tip. Some of our yellows are very silver and can be confused if you’re not used to catching either fish.

Trout: Alas no more reports. I posted the picture of the 4lb brown on our Facebook page last week and received over 6000 hits in a few days.

Carp: one of our regulars reported over 30 caught while fishing from the park foreshore with worms & bread. Others also reported plenty of carp. Bit of fun for the kids and dad as well.

Park News: Some local fishermen had a memorable trip this weekend when they had to surrender their gill nets to the inspector. Bad luck that. They were not in our park.

Dean Brind, Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park.

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
Ph: 02 62278114

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