Report 4/1/16

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Report 4/1/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:18 am

Current discharge: 438 ML per day.
Water level 03/02/16: 52.5%
Current inflow: 4938 ML per day.
Water level 26/01/16: 51.4%
Water visibility: up to 2 metres
Rain past 7 days: 73.5 mm

Forecast Weather: Mostly sunny with a top temp of 32 for the weekend. Light winds reaching 16 km on Saturday. A high is approaching from the south ending the turbulent weather of the past week.

New Moon = February 9th Full Moon = February 23rd Water Temperature: 23-25 deg

Murray Cod: The fishermen numbers were down on the weekend with the return to work & school for most. I had a call from a fisherman this week, who wishes to remain anonymous. He believes he was the one I mentioned last week with the 123 cm fish as a few people intercepted some radio chatter when they landed a big one. This fisherman had a good afternoon following a storm which hit early afternoon. The Tally between 2 pm & 9pm went along the lines of a 45, 55. 65, 72, 75, 86, 118 cm. Trolling 100 mm Orgee plough. The last 2 fish would have satisfied most of us. The same fisherman also told me of a 104 cm cod he found floating on Sunday Morning in the Bidgee river. The fish weighed in at 60 lb. I here of a few of these each year at Burrinjuck. Sometimes the deaths are unavoidable with fish refusing to swim away despite being handled well. Handling and lifting the fish properly and minimising time spent out of the water will go a long way to ensuring a successful release.

Some points from the DPI web site.
Best practices for catch and release
■ Remove mouth hooks, and cut the line for deep-hooked fish.
■ Release fish immediately in water without air exposure or handling if possible.
■ If fish are brought on-board, keep them horizontal at all times with full body support, ideally in a smooth-sided sling or cradle.
■ Securely restrain fish with jaw grips, a wet towel or gloved hands, and use long-nose pliers to aid hook removal.
■ To prevent spinal damage, do not hold fish vertically from their jaws, gills or eyes.
■ If fish are transported on-board, use an adequately sized live well with flow-through water and aeration.
■ Revive any fish with locked, flared gill covers in an aerated recovery tank, live well or over the side of the boat, ideally in a sling or cradle. Hold fish upright, close the gill covers with your hand and gently ‘swim’ fish in a side-to-side motion.

Yellow Belly: The fishing has slowed during the week after some reasonable reports on the weekend. I had a few hours chasing yellows this week with plastic grubs and mask vibes but came home empty handed. Pete & Smiley were also in for the week bait fishing with mainly shrimp. They managed a few fish each day off trees but had to keep moving to find the fish, not their usual daily bag limit. They also reported the shrimp are hard to find. This could be because of the amount of redfin in the lower end of the dam, my thoughts only. You may have noticed that we have had a bit of rain this week and the dam levels have risen over the past week by 1.1 % the release amount has also slowed earlier than usual. Rising water, rising temps and an approaching high and a new moon on the 9th could lead to improved fishing over the next week. Yellows will most likely be moving in along the shallows after dark, well worth a bait fish from the bank in the evenings.

Redfin: Are still plentiful & seem a lot easier to find this year. The schools seem to hold in an area for weeks at a time. I have managed a couple above 30 cm on most occasions but there are a lot of smaller ones amongst them. Small plastics or blades or I was catching them this week with a 90 mm Tranzam. Worms or shrimp also work but you’re going to go through some bait if you pick up a school. I took a friend and his 3 daughters out this week to introduce them to fishing. Redfin are perfect for first timers and the kids. The young ladies had a ball, they all caught fish with lures and they also got to see a couple of sea eagles up close taking fish off the surface and got a look at their first real life Murray Cod (82cm).

Park News: Mostly quiet this week at the park with the team catching up on some maintenance after a very busy January. We are also continuing on with bush fire preparation works around the park, mostly clearing back the under growth around buildings and re-establishing fire- breaks. This work will be ongoing mid- week for most of February. (Not Weekends)

Dean Brind
Manager Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
Ph: 02 62278114

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