Report 20/7/16

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Report 20/7/16

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:21 pm

Current discharge: 2300 ML per day.
Water level 20/07/16: 66.6 %
Current inflow: 6200 ML per day.
Water level 13/07/16: 63.6 %
Water visibility: poor 30cm
Forecast Weather: Showers & rain are forecast right through the week with an estimated 20-40 mm of rain to fall on Friday. Possible showers for the weekend. Temps to range between 2 & 10 deg C on Saturday & Sunday. Winds will range up to 20km per hour.
Full Moon = July 20th New Moon = August 3rd Water Temperature: 12-13 deg C
A general report this week. Most of the fishing over the weekend was from the park fore shore. The weather was calm and sunny so a bait fish from the bank was a great option. There is a good mix of species being caught this way such as redfin, Yellow Belly & Carp. Even the odd small Murray Cod. Most fishermen are opting for a simple hook and running ball sinker rig. Worms and or corn as bait. Although not huge numbers of fish are being caught there are enough to keep fisherman interested. With the water continually rising this method should work all over the dam.

I have included 2 pictures of Cathedral Rock. The first picture was taken on the 2/5/16 & the other taken on Tuesday this week.

Carp Virus information evening:
• Around 50 interested fishos attended Monday night’s information evening. I have included some of the information below.
• Virus = Koi herpes virus disease (KHV) is now formally known as Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 (CyHV-3)
• Rollout planned by the end 2018
• The disease is spread by a diseased carp contacting another carp.
• 1 week to 10 days from contact till death.
• Works best with water temps between 16 &25 deg C
• The disease has no effect on any other native or introduced species, shrimp or yabbies.
• Will kill goldfish.
• The clean-up of the dead fish is the big problem & expense.
• The original carp strain was released in Australia in 1859. The current pest strain was released accidentally in the 1960s after being developed for fish farming.
• Carp now comprise up to 90% of the biomass in the Murray Darling Basin

Dean Brind
Manager IWHP Burrinjuck Waters
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