Report 8/3/17

Burrinjuck Waters Holiday Park
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Report 8/3/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:00 pm

Current discharge: 3500 ML per day.
Water level 07/03/17: 71.4 %
Current inflow: 1010 ML per day.
Water level 15/02/17: 74.9 %
Water visibility: 2 metres

Forecast Weather: warming up through the week reaching a top of 30 deg C for the weekend, light winds. Overnight lows of 11 degrees C, No rain. A high is approaching from the Bite for the weekend.
Full Moon = 13th March New Moon = 28th March Water Temperature: 24 deg C

Murray Cod: The fishing has generally been tough over the past couple of weeks. The water outflows stopped for a week or so and have recommenced over the past week. The outflows are not huge so have not brought on the bite like last time. The new moon is approaching on the 13th of March so a night fish a couple of days either side of the full moon remains the best bet. Autumn fishing will also see the fish move up to shallower water as the water temps drop. Surface lures and lures cast to the edges should produce some action of April & may.

Yellow Belly: Most are reporting tough going particularly the lure fisherman. The bait guys have done OK on the trees in the usual areas, Scrubby, McPhersons and Wade Island. Slow rolling plastic grubs worked for Swann’y back on the 28th he managed 15 yellows and 1 cod all off 1 tree. The Gundagai Anglers also got onto a few last weekend at McPhersons Creek. Shrimp remain tough to find this year so bring some small yabbies or other bait. The general store has worms and prawns.

Redfin: I have had a couple of great sessions on the redfin at Scrubby a couple of weeks ago. I went up again on Monday for a score of Zero. Could not find a redfin at all, moved 100 metres either direction and even had a troll. Could just be the weather or the fish have moved on and I need to find them again. Most fisherman on the weekend did manage some redfin and that was about all that was in the fish bins. Trolling small hard bodies is the easiest way to locate a school.

Park News: The weather has cooled off particularly at night however the park undergrowth remains reasonably dry. We have had a few millimetres of rain here and there but nothing substantial. So the fire Ban remains in place on a week to week basis. I can lift it prior to the official end to the bushfire danger period at the end of March likewise the ban can also remain in place if the weather dictates.

Dean Brind
Manager IWHP Burrinjuck Waters
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