Report 24/5/17

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Report 24/5/17

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed May 24, 2017 10:08 am

Current inflow: 978 ML per day.
Water level 19/04/17: 64.4 %
Water visibility: 2 metres

Forecast Weather: A slight chance of showers on Friday. Day time temps reaching 20 deg C and dropping to 5 deg C overnight. Winds will be light. Barometer remaining high through to Tuesday.
New Moon = 26th April Full Moon = 11th May Water Temperature: 18 deg C
We certainly had the rain since my last report, 40 mm, the weather has turned colder with a bit of frost on the ground some mornings and The Park has now entered the quieter autumn period where we have accommodation available most weekends for those that decide, last minute, to come for a fish or just to go camping.
Murray Cod: Harry Chittick has been here a couple of times recently and has left with cod both times, landed on KAHA (homemade) lures, 4 fish in total, the biggest being 74 cm. I also had Geoff give me a call this week. We got talking out on the water while I was flicking around a lure, I was giving him the rundown on the big Yellows I have pulled from this particular spot and also informed him of the resident rather large cod that lived in the same area. After returning to his camp to relay the tale his friend decided to go back out to the spot and try and land a yellow with a couple of frozen shrimp. Their trip so far had been targeting big Murray Cod without success. The big resident Cod took the shrimp bait. Geoff called to say that his mate managed to get the cod to the surface a couple of times before the tackle gave out, he estimated the fish was all of 100 pounds and at least 1.3 metre in length. I have heard many tales of this particular cod taking yellow belly much the same way as you would lose a fish to a shark. I had an encounter a couple of years back with the same fish, nearly losing a 73cm cod that I had hooked, the cod emerged from the depths behind my hooked fish but stopped short and dived just before devouring my fish. Very exciting stuff to witness. Fishing generally remains tough going despite the perfect conditions.

Yellow Belly: Also playing hard to catch and hard to find, Thinking back to the yellow Belly tournament in late April 2016, the majority of the winning teams found the fish in the main basin around the trees on cave island and to the east back towards Carrolls Creek. Many of these trees remain underwater this year but it may be worth a look with a good sounder and anchor lock on the electric. Soft plastic grubs did the trick last year.

Redfin: Remain the constant catch. They seem to be in a spot for a couple of days, they disappear for a period before returning so It’s worth returning to a familiar spot each visit for a quick check. I have had regular spots each year however the fish may only be there at certain water levels and then move on. Often it may only be a depression in the bottom a stump or log they have taken a liking to, with a food source nearby.
Park News: A bit of road repair works are happening this week inside the park.

The park in conjunction with our local bush fire brigades will be conducting some hazard reduction burns to finalize our bush fire preparation works over the coming weeks. (Date not finalized)

Upcoming Events: The 3rd Greg Whitehead Memorial fishing challenge Friday 18th August.

Dean Brind
Manager IWHP Burrinjuck Waters
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