Weekly Report 23 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 23 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:08 pm

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Wet windy weather means challenging fishing conditions. The wind & rain was very sporadic but we still managed to get out & check what's biting. Dropped a few pots with chicken frames around Long island 2 pots had a few undersized males & females which we threw back. The 2 others had two very nice muddies and two coral crabs. My doubts are building as to whether or not the Prawns will come on like they have in previous years. Worried that the water temperatures will drop and if the rain won'tstop the prawn can't head back to the river as it still has fresh water running out, we need a dry spell for at least a month so the prawns can head to the mouth of the Logan river. Locals are still going out & catching a few around Redland Bay just hopeful they should come on in numbers on the morning high tide. A couple of very young boys who proudly showed me their catch, were cast netting off the jetty at Victoria Point on the run in tide early Sunday morning & caught at least 1/4bucket decent sized banana prawns the boys were throwing a 6 foot net it's good to see that there is no age on fishing.

The Snapper have being caught using soft plastics, squid, pillys, mullet fillets as bait. Harry's, Peel & Mud Island all have produced fish most pan size, 1.5kg but there has been some crackers though in the 70+ range. Curtain, the sunken barge, the sink hole & good old Harry's have seen the bigger fish so the Bay island should see some larger fish coming through in the next couple of weeks. A local couple caught some squire around Potts Point on mullet fillets in the beautiful fishing weather on Monday morning their best fish was 1 .5kg good eating size. The school Mackeral have not been coming into the bay as much this week preferring the cleaner saltier water offshore but there has still been a few. Jewfish have been caught near the mouth of the Brisbane River .....a trick to catch these fish is if using plastics when u feel the jig hit the bottom do small sharp jigs on more then 2 to 3 foot high then let it hit the bottom and do it all over again drifting will cover alot more ground when so when u locate the fish u concentrate your fishing on that one spot they have also been caught at the pin,short island,logan river,pots point,goat island .7 inch bass assassin is my chose. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at VP Bait & Tackle,

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