Weekly Report 29 Apr 13

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Weekly Report 29 Apr 13

Post by Brad » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:37 pm

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. The gods must be crazy, two weeks of good weather. Well the prawns are on the run, both high tide and low tide.
Look for prawns on your sounder like looking for bait fish & when you see a school turn the boat sharp to the left or right then throw your net back over the track, when the net hits the bottom jig the net 5 to 6 times to bounce the prawns to the top and close the net. I took my boys out on Sunday morning to do some prawning, we put the boat in at Alberton Rd boat ramp, Logan River so we could see the condition of the river starting to clear up at the mouth, so the Jew will start to be schooling at Marks Rocks and to Giants grave, then we went to the power lines, the greens, Jacksons, point of Karragarra, & the salt works which had the biggest prawns by far 7 to 8 inches, but the power lines had more prawns to catch.

So I would start looking around the power lines, work your boat in a zigzag motion to cover more ground then when you locate the school, circle back around to throw on top off them. Every day this week has held prawns at all locations, high tide has been the key. There has been some very nice Cod this week on fresh squid they weighed in at 26 pound, also Snapper and Parrot on mullet fillets. Peel, Mud, the four Beacons, & Harry's all have held fish to a quality size. Whiting numbers are good with the banks behind Peel are fishing the best at the moment with winter Whiting in the 25+ range, and the banks next to Harry's as well using blood worms. They have also been caught off the banks & jetty at Victoria Point. The Tuna have been busting the surface behind Peel right up past Brisbane river also school Mackerel on trolled lures near Harry's, the Bonito like laser pro spinners 20 grams. There has been some nice dolphin fish at the wave ride fadbouy, with also a few Spanish Mackerel just over 1 metre. Look forward to seeing you on the water I will be prawning this week. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at VP Bait & Tackle, Frandon, Jo & Justin.
Frandon Heseltine.

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