Weekly Report 14 May 13

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Weekly Report 14 May 13

Post by Brad » Tue May 14, 2013 9:24 am

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. This last week has produced some interesting fishing conditions. Just a reminder for everyone to exercise caution when going offshore & thru the Bars. A lot of Pelagic species are out & about. The ever present Spotty Mackerel, school mackerel ,occasional Bonito & Tuna and talor have been showing themselves all week. Look for the birds circling & diving for bait fish & usually they aren't far away. Just need Lazerpro Spinners or 20g chrome slugs, quick reflexes & keep the tension on the line. These fish are easy to catch once you got the knack for it. They have been showing near Mud Island, Green Island, & not far from Fisherman's Wharf the back side of peel.

A school of Pike were spotted by a bloke fishing for Tailor off the southern end of Coochiemudlo Island, he managed to land one Pike & three Tailor using hardbodied lures & hardyheads. He was shocked to catch a Pike on a 3inch lure as the pike was only 6inches long. The colder weather has really brought the Snapper on the bite, many areas around all the Bay Islands, have been nailing some decent sized fish using either fresh Squid & mullet fillet.

Winter Whiting have been very plentiful, with catches been reported off the Jetty & banks around Victoria Point, Redland Bay & Cleveland. In the Bay the Whiting have been caught using fresh Squid or prawns or even a bit of oxheart, close to sand banks & close to shore. Whiting have also been caught just before the drop off at Harry's, banana banks, pelicans banks. Mud crabs & sand crabs are still around just more undersized & females that turn up in the pots. We got 2 decent sized males in a few pots that we put along the banks near Browns Bay. Really a hit & miss with the crabs. It's definitely worth the effort if you can get a few.

The Prawns are finally starting to show by schooling up in better numbers from northern end of Russell Island right thru to the red beacon near Cabbage Tree Point, to Rudy Maars around the boats. They are still in the process of shelling themselves & coming out of the mud. The water temperature has not dropped below 20deg yet so they should be still showing up for a few weeks. Definitely hard work to catch your bucketful. Keep an eye out for the prawns on the sounder & as soon as you spot them throw the castnet, bearing in mind that if you are prawning around a lot of other boats, be respectful & drive carefully.

Jewfish were caught around Short Is on live mullet. One weighed in at 18kg & the other at 22kg. Also there has been a few Jew caught in the 15kg range from the sticks at the Pin Bar. School Jew have been caught at Marks Rocks & Giants Grave between 70-80cm so make sure your measure properly as the legal size is 75cm. The boys & a few mates managed to go offshore during the week to the Pin Bar Reefs, when we had some great weather early morning before the wind picked up. We caught some Sergeant Bakers & we used the fillets & caught a few Pearlies, some plate sized Snapper. For bait we were using pilchards, mullet fillets & soft plastics.
I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at VP Bait & Tackle, Frandon, Jo & Justin.
Frandon Heseltine.

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Re: Weekly Report 14 May 13

Post by Alastair1975 » Tue May 28, 2013 6:30 pm

Bit new to fishing here in Queensland and i was wondering what gauge hooks were being used for whiting as i seemed to do a lot of fish feeding last weekend. i caught a flounder but not a lot else. We were fishing off Wellington point and as we don't have a boat we are land based.

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