Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

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Weekly Report 11 Jun 13

Post by Brad » Tue Jun 11, 2013 1:40 pm

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Winter is finally here, cold excellent fishing conditions. Squid have been a good target for the last week or so. Excellent fun & a real challenge not to get inked. They have been showing on banana bank, pelican banks, goat island, in about 6 to 8 feet, look for weed at low tide so you can work those spots at high tide. Using squid jigs of all types. The trick is to reel them in keeping the tension on the line scoop from behind making sure the squid is pointing away from the boat or you will be inked. Jew have been strong this week, I have fished the pin bar north Straddie with the mrs & my boys and produced one fish at 1.1m and 5 fish all just under one meter and two under size 75 cm all on live bait mullet, herring, gar.

Other reports from Short island, Kalinga bank, tabby tabby, the mouth of the logan, Pitts rocks, junction, peel, mud island. One mate in the fishing club caught his pb at 1.13 weighing 13 kg on 20 lb line 40lb leader on live mullet, well done it shouldn't be long before we hear of some bigger fish. Gar fish have been schooling up in horse shoe bay easy to catch, berley up with some bread, use small hooks with bread & with a float. Snapper will be hard to find this weekend as the fishing comp is on & boats will be all over it. Snapper & Squire love fresh mullet fillets, squid, pillys but you will need to find somewhere out of the boat traffic, mud, peel, Potts point, Coochie, Blakeys, goat, Harry's, start of Rous channel look for bait schools on the sounder as you find bait the fish won't be to far away it is a good start. Winter Whiting are easy to catch whether you are on land or in the boat.

They have been caught & showing up around the shallows of the main bay islands, close to banks & also reports of many catches off the jetties. Little bit of fresh squid, prawns or worms on very light gear will easily land you a few. Tailor have been showing up at the shore breaks close to the bar with them smashing chrome slugs or pilchards. I like to troll Crome slug around near the bar to help locate the fish if they aren't on the surface. Bream have been the popular choice for those wanting a bit of fun with results, prawns are definitely Bream's favourite choice. Pin close to the stick, along short island, corner crusoe near the cross over beacon, & Canipa Passage. Flathead, the lazy lizard, it's a bit cold but they will still take a bite if something passes its trail. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, check out our Facebook page. Frandon, Joe & Justin.
Frandon Heseltine

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