Weekly Report 29 Jul 13

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Weekly Report 29 Jul 13

Post by Brad » Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:44 pm

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. The full moon has produced some great weather for night fishing. Snapper are definitely the species of the month. With so many reports of catches & various sizes, if you have a boat it's worth going to catch a feed. All the usual hunting grounds around the Bay will have fish showing. Fresh squid, prawns or mullet fillets good old pillys have been working the best. Harry's, Mud, Peel, Rous Channel markers, Maclaey, Russell, most are bagging out on Squire between 40cm to 50cm and some have caught fish in there 70+ cm but only one fish all night. Bream have also been showing up in great numbers just about anywhere they have been hanging on the edge of the fast flowing water.

The Bar entrances have produced Tailor with most 35 to 38 cm with odd one in the 45+ they have been in the channels out from Victoria Point, Redland bay, Wellington Point, as well with fish in the high 50+ not uncommon or just off shore to have a real cracker of a time catching a few Pearl Perch or some, gold Spotted Wrasse, large Snapper, Shallow Tempas, sevens, one mile, cathedral , Sullys Reef, Cotton Reef have fished well this week two with reports of a few Spanish mackerel as well. Jew on the other hand have been running hot from Southport, Pin, Kalingar bank, Short Is, Salt works, Marks Rocks, little Rocky Point all have fish well with the average in the 80 to 90 cm but there has been some cracker Jews 120 cm+, two weighed 25 kg & 20 kg the bigger ones were closer to the bars, Pin, Southport Seaway, Mackenzies Channel.

Most were caught using live mullet about 7 to 10 inch long is prefect size for Jew ,there has been a few on plastic bass assassin, gulp all in 7 inch. There's been good reports of Cobia coming from Redland bay ,Blakeleys, Harry's, four beacon, the wreck close to the pin bar and on the 24 s just look for the bait on the sounder no bait no Cobia. Squid have shown along the main land foreshore from Redland bay to the port of Brisbane at night around the light on the jettys and boat ramps on the top of the tide the bay weed banks are fishing well in about 8 feet deep the bright colours pink,orange,blue work well for myself but any colour will do the job.There are still a lot of jar around the bay islands horse shoe bay ,with a little bread for berley an they will come cast net or a drag net will do the job or seat back with a rod ,float,small whiting hook,with a little bit of bread for bait, good fun for the kids on light gear. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB. Frandon, Joe & Justin.
Frandon Heseltine.

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