Weekly Reports 16 Aug 13

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Weekly Reports 16 Aug 13

Post by Brad » Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:08 pm

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Winter is nearly over & the August Westerly winds have set in with fine suny days. Everyone seems to be catching
fish when they head out in the Bay, it is definitely brimming with activity wherever you go to drop a line. The banks around Victoria Point & Redland Bay are good at
high tide or the run in if you chasing a few Bream or Flathead, Whiting, Pike & Squid. So many reports & photos of Snapper are being sent in with average sizes around the 50mark. Anything from live potty mullet to fresh Squid to soft plastic have been doing the trick. All the usual spots around the house boat at Peel, the hole in the
wall at Peel, Harry Atkinsons, Potts Point, Goat Is & around Coochie have held fish right down to giants grave.

The Jewfish are being caught up around Harry Atkinsons on soft plastics & livies. But the Pin & Seaway has held the bigger fish by far metre+ in between 15kg was the
smallest 27kg was the biggest. Goat, Peel, Potts Point, salt work, giants grave, little rocky point, Marks rock, Pitt rock has held fish in the metre but that was the biggest, the average is about 80 to 90cm. Still good fish for the table, if using lures as in soft plastics or bait you need to keep it close to the bottom as possible. Squid are the specialty at this time of year as well. Just around the jettys where there are lights to bring the bait fish in also brings the squid in, boat or land should both be effective as the bay islands have been fishing well for squid in the shallows as the weed back as well.

Summer Whiting are running well with reports from the bank near marks rock, banks near the power line all the way to the Pin, up the bay the bank between Redland Bay and Pannakin Island, the banks straight in front of Victoria point boat ramp, right up to Amity with the average in 22 to25 cm and loving the blood worm, thinly sliced squid then dyed pink aren't to far behind followed by the good old prawn. There has been a lot of Tailor as well but the size has dropped off, 35cm is the legal size, it would pay to have a pilly floating out the back as you never know what's under the water. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB. Frandon, Joe & Justin.
Frandon Heseltine.

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