Weekly Report 21 Feb 14

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Weekly Report 21 Feb 14

Post by Brad » Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:06 am

G'day every one, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Well the mackerel are the main fish this month with reports of school & spotty mackerel schooling up in the paddock between four beacons and Harry's. Pillies on the drift are working well so are slugs spinning for them. There has been reports from south passage bar down along amity all the way to Blakeleys, if it's Spanish mackerel your after then head out side left along Moreton Island or right pass point look out along north Straddie, trolling hard bodies or hex head skirts, or lives like yaccas, small slimy mackerel or dead bail like pillies, gar, small slimy mackerel or pike.

There has been some bonito and Mac Tuna caught on spinners as well. I have taken the boys and a few mates out for a Spanish mackerel fish and bagged out before lunch, the biggest in the boat been 12kg but the average is about 8kg just under a metre, great fun in the sun I have loaded GoPro footage of a triple hook up at point look out of the boys and I have also caught some big Giant Trevally in South passage bar, and Spanish mackerel there too, but the big fish were biting through 200 pound steal leader. A few other mates have been doing well on the mangrove jacks, from the mouth of the logan all the way to pitts rock, tabby tabby, little rocky point, Behms creek, Calypso bay, half caught on live mullet or herring, but some on Zman 4 inch motor oil and few other types as well, also hard bodied like 5 inch Zerek red head white body or rapala 5 inch blue bonito is a good start.

Flathead are on the bite trolling hard bodies on the drop off will help find the fish then once found work that area with soft plastics. The area around the pin is a good place to start then work each bank on the way back to the ramp. Whiting have been strong as well with reports from Rous channel, amity bank, Blakeleys, Canaipa passage, pin, tiger mullet channel, the bedrooms, Wallys gutter. A good hard body to try is k9 walker, muddy prawn 60ml 3.3 g. Chopper tailor have been unusually good for this time of year with fish around 40cm+ from the bar, at times there have been triple hook up in multiple boats with very big schools, make it excellent fish for all in involved. Mulloway are taking livies on the morning tides at the pin, but by lunch plastic 7inch pink assassins on a 1oz 7/0hook or 1.5 oz 7/0 hook long shank as the current slows drop the size of the jig head down, peel, house boat wreck, artificial reef as well also Potts point on the drift.

Prawns are now on the menu as well with reports from Jacobs well, Rudy Marrs moored boats, giants grave, Jackson's and the mouth of the logan river. A little work to get a bucket but definitely worth the effort. Mudcrabs are where the prawns are too with some big crabs coming in with a few empty ones mixed in, they aren't worth keeping as you wouldn't even get a sandwich once cooked but they look good. Sandcrabs are starting to come in after the prawns too with good catch from the bay islands and heading south. one of the problems fishing the rivers for your table fish is the sharks are eating any thing so are the eels, cat fish & stingrays so try to fish the current edges or the drop offs. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB. Frandon Heseltine.

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