Weekly Report 14 Mar 14

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Weekly Report 14 Mar 14

Post by Brad » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:59 am

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine. Prawns are definitely on the menu this week with reports coming from all over Jacobs well, Rudy Maas, little rocky point, the mouth of the logan, power lines, giants grave, the two green beacons, Jackson's at the end of Russell Island & Redland bay, with the average size around 5 inches and some crackers in the 7-8 inch, you only need 25-30 prawns to have a good feed. You need to be there about half an hour after high tide as the water starts to run is the most likely time when the prawns school up and that is when you will see them on the sounder.

They will look like bait fish which at this time of year the frog mouth pilly are hanging out in the same place as they eat the prawn shit and if you get some jelly as well you are in the right place. It is worth taking your pots as well with some of the best crabs of the year have been caught, averaging around 1kg some hitting 1.5kg as they are full & getting ready for winter so drop your pots on your way to your prawning ground then pick them up on the way home. Snapper have been very unusual for this time of year as there have been some crackers coming from the back side of Coochie, potts point, southern end of goat, all around peel, Harry's & Mud, some fish weighed 6kg+. Pillies, whiting, yellow tail pike, small mullet have all caught big fish. Some big sweet lip in the same are with a few average size parrot as well.

Whiting are on the chew up along amity, Rous Channel, the bank behind peel, Blakelys, right down to the pin, power lines, the mouth of logan river, Ageston sands, most fish are in the 25+ cm range but a few older fellas have encountered fish in the 40+ cm on blood worms some weighing in at 750 grams which they have the bragging rights over the younger fellow fishermen. The most common set up is paternoster rig, sinker on the bottom with half meter of line, then the first hook another half meter of line, then the second hook, then another half a meter of line then a swivel. There has been a lot of squid coming from the same banks so while drifting for the whiting have a squid jig out the back about 5 meters away from the boat and make sure you have your drag backed off as you will pull the hooks through their tentacles.

Flathead are schooling up around the pin with reports of some big fish taking 7 inch soft plastic meant for Jews, not a bad by catch but there has been a few big Jew fish eating 7inch bass assassin averaging 1 meter with a couple hitting 110+. Short island, the hole at Caruso, marks rock, salt works, peel island at the house boat have all seen a few fish as the legal size is 75 cm and you can only take two fish each person. Mangrove jack have been taking hard bodys like rapala x-rap single hook psycho pink, tilsan timber lure white redhead, trolling as close to the mangrove roots as possible with about 10 meter of line out the back, keep the lure close to the bank only about 1 meter deep with the other side about 2 meters deep.

Reports of catches from Pimpama down towards Calypso bay, Jacobs well straight, Behms creek, the rocks beside the power lines, the mouth of logan all the way up to Carbrook. There has been a lot of Tailor coming though the pin heading up Canaipa towards Blakelys early in the morning on sunrise has seen the most fish with a few fisherman bagging out by 800 o'clock. Spanish Mackeral are still on the menu with fish coming from the outside of the pin bar, point look out, the coffee rock up along Moreton, South passage bar on the out side and in side there has seen some Spottys in the mix as well the average size has been in the 4 to5 kg for the Spanish and about 3 kg for the spotties. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB. Frandon Heseltine.

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