Weekly Report 31 May 14

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Weekly Report 31 May 14

Post by Brad » Sat May 31, 2014 7:19 pm

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine. Well snapper are definitely on the menu with good reports from all the Bay Islands, the bottom end of Macleay Is, salt works, Canaipa Passage, Potts Point, iron stern, around Coochie artificial as well as Harry's, Peel island, cucumber point, lazaret gutter, south west rocks & Goat down along Bird on the drop off. Live yakka have been working well, but just as good if you don't have livies, squid, whiting, mullet fillet, gar, pillies are excellent bait for Snapper, trollling with lures well you cant go past Rapala Xraps or Zerek Ripper Divers. Squire/Snapper will be all over the bay through winter, finding the patches of bigger ones & keepers is the trick for the next few weeks fresh bait and presentation of bait is the key to success.

There has been good Bream schooling up at the Pin close to the sticks, Crusoe in the hole near the yellow bouy, the bottom end of Short island & slipping sands. The Bream love berley so a hand full every half hour will keep them close. Tailor have made it to the Logan river with good catches at Marks rock, lone pine, Pits rocks, fish around 40cm the average back out of the river near the power lines post & the rocks at rocky point near Russell island. They have popped up sporadically all the way to the Pin through Canaipa passage up to Peel.

Whiting are thick up at the chain bank, Rous channel with reports of fisherman getting their bag limit between 2 to 4 hours 50 fish each, Banana banks, Pelican banks and any banks leading to the Pin have been working well too. Squid are starting to come across from Moreton, there has been schools up to 20 squid in the school have been spotted at the oyster leases, all the whiting banks, potts point, Macleay jetty, Russell jetty, and all the floating pontoons & jetties from Redland bay to the port of Brisy should start holding squid at night close to the top of the tide is the best time for land base and where there are big lights as well. There is bait schools the size of foot ball fields in-between Coochie & Goat, up at Goat there are long tails metre plus and down towards potts point are grey mackerel just under a metre catching them on micro jig & spinners.

The mullet run has come on with good report from the surf and the rivers as it is breeding season and that can only mean one thing the Mulloway and big mulloway are at the Bar and coming inside fast to eat the mullet and tailor with report of fish in the 20kg range mixed in with hundreds in the 10-15kg range seen by divers in the bars and hanging on the walls or drop offs leading to the bars waiting to ambush their dinner, Pin, Short island, salt works, marks rock, potts point, iron stern, giants grave, Lamb island, peel house boat wreck & Harrys is worth a look, live mullet, gar, pike or yakkas should do the trick but if you can get live squid they love it.

Plenty of reef fish offshore, around the Cathederals, Point Lookout, Sevens reef, middle reef, one mile, boat rock with good parrot, pearlies, maori cod, squire, gold
spot wrasse, no big snaps yet they say the water isn't cold enough yet. There are still a few mackerel and wahoo around as well but are only eating dead bait or lives, lure haven't seen consistent catches in weeks. I hope u can get out over the week, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB. Frandon Heseltine.

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