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Report 9/4/15

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:34 am
by subeditor
G'day everyone, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Hope you all had a great Easter.
There has been good reports of Jew coming in from all over the Bay & the Pin has got a lot around the metre, as does the Seaway. Some of the bigger fish are coming from the areas more near the prawning grounds like Giants grave, salt works, flat rock, near the power lines, marks rock, Redland bay channel, little rocky point, Cobby Cobby big hole, potts point, peel, prawns are what they are after but any live bait would do. When using dead prawns to stop the twisting you remove the shell on the tail to keep the bait stream line, less drag. There has been a few thread fin salmon coming from the mouth of the logan to Pitts rock on big prawn too.

Mangrove Jack are having a late run with reports of catches from Couran cove, the mouth of the pimpama near the oyster leases, diamond head, slipping sands & the cliffs in canaipa channel. Moses perch have been nailed with the jacks on the same lures.

Summer whiting are at their best good reports from the sand bank at the mouth of the river all the way to the pin and around the bay islands, pelican banks & banana banks. Most are getting their bag limit the fish are in the high 30 and in to the 40cm, best caught with squid, small prawns, beach worms, pippies & blood worms all doing the job. Catching them you need a whippy rod and don't strick till the rod has and started to load up.

Well we should see a good run of squid this year as they are moving in to the bay casing the prawn with reports from the jettys on Macleay, russell, lamb & Coochie at night so the main land should start to see some as the water cleans up. The banks on the northeastern side of peel are fishing well with 10 to 15 squid for the session so if you are chasing Whiting have a squid jig drifting out the back as they hang in the same area.

Tailor have been hit and miss at potts point and Coochie and further North but before Peel, all caught on the surface with slugs also been a few hanging around sniper island in the arvo on bait (pillys ) The Pin has held tailor on the bank beside crusoe Island in the arvo and early in the morning.

Spotty Mackeral have been caught all the way down to lamb island but are mainly between peel and Coochie and peel to South passage bar, Harry to Rous Channel also reports of Cobia coming from Dunwich to Blakeys and near the four beacons area.

The Bream have come on the chew around the shallows along the foreshore of the main land and the islands but not much size yet.

Flathead have slowed down with the rain, the banks more towards the pin have been fishing best.

Snapper are starting to make their way back in to the Bay with good reports from Harrys, ammo barge, start of Rous Channel & Peel in about 25 feet + of water. Coochie artificial and in the deeper water at potts point the shallows are getting the bream & the snapper are holding in the deeper water and they love big prawns. They have also been nailed on Zerek hard body's trolling at a very slow pace. When trolling pull it in and out of gear to slow the troll speed down. Prawns are definitely on the menu, Jacobs well and Rudy Mars on the low tide and Jackson, lamb, Karragarra and the greens, Giants grave, power lines all fish well on the high tide as well.

There are some real big prawns up to 60+ grams most days you will get a good feed & a few painted crayfish coming from the salt work as well. Sandys have come from the clean water of the bay which is on the eastern side of the bay and the Muddys are coming from around the bay islands near the pin & around Coochie & Redland Bay.

I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB ... =bookmarks
Frandon Heseltine.

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Re: Report 9/4/15

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:35 am
by subeditor
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