Report 3/9/15

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Report 3/9/15

Post by subeditor » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:31 pm

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine. The Flathead are on the move with reports from Logan river mouth, Tabby, Little rocky point, Cabbage Tree Point boat ramp, Redland Bay foreshore, Victoria Point banks & jetty, around the Pin in the deep water. Soft Plastics have been working well, hard body Strike Pro 50to60mm long and Zerek Tango shads on the edge of the banks in 2to3m deep. There has been a lot around the 60cm +most that size are female so there will be 5 or more males to every female in that one spot so work that one area casting about 1m apart.
Bream have been hitting lures meant for flathead and jew. I was getting them on 7in plastics & they are thick at the Jumpin Pin. A heap of Tailor at the moment & they hanging around in the Pin bar, Millionaires row, Bedrooms, Wallys gutter, the yellow x over at Crusoe, yellow x over at Short, Slipping sands, Canaipa passage, Potts Point, Coochie & Goat My biggest went 62cm hard body's like Zerek deep ripper diver, plastics or the good old pilchard. The whiting are on the chew from Rous passage, Amity banks, North Eastern of Peel near oyster leases, Pelican Banks. They are at the mouth of the logan river just not there in numbers.
Squid are a good option for land based fisher night or day they have been schooled up at Redland bay ferry terminal, Victoria Point jetties, rock wall, Cleveland, Wellington Point, Manly boat harbour. For the boats Coochie, Potts Point, Goat, Peel, Mud, Green island, and all the Whiting grounds in the Bay. Yozuri squid jigs and Fish Candy squid jigs gladiators squid jigs have been working well for me.
Small schools of Mackerel have been showing up along Wesley light beacon, in front of sand hill, Southern end of Green island you will catch them on a paravane towing a 3in spoon or with a pilly out the back on anchor. The Jew have been on the bite reports from around the Bay islands, Marks rocks, the hole in Tabby Tabby, Short island ,and the of course the JumpinPin with live bait or lures. There are big schools of bait up near Goat but there is a plague of sharks up there eating them. We fished there for one hour and landed over 25 sharks all around 1m black tip reef sharks, it was good fun we released them all, just near the yellow marker in between Peel and Goat.
Snapper are at the best for this time of year, Harry Atkinson has held big fish over 70cm on a regular basis. Peel Artificial, Coochie art, Mud, Green & Goat held fish to an average 55cm but there is a lot in the just under size range as well. Reports from the mouth of the Logan river, Giants grave, Salt works, Iron stern, Potts point with good pan size Squire. Off shore has had Snapper, Parrot, Moses Perch, Trag jew, Mulloway, Cobia, Gold spotted Wrasse & Pearl perch on the 24's is 50to60m deep and 36's is 65 to75m deep. Yellow tail kings, Amberjacks, Sambos, Tuna and some big Snapper on the 50 fathom 90to100m deep give or take a few metres, knife jigs vibes and soft plastics ,and live bait did the damage. There has been a few marlin hitting the flying fish on the surface on the 24 as well. We landed two massive Cuttlefish on the 50's using bait. I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB ... =bookmarks
Frandon Heseltine.

Frandon Heseltine
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