Report 9/10/15

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Report 9/10/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:37 am

G'day everyone, rain or shine fishing is always fine. Hope everyone enjoyed the school holidays & long weekend. Well my boys Dylan and Bailey and I went in the Gold Coast Flathead Classic, team Victoria Point Bait and Tackle, we had a really great time, with great people, great food and great results. We fished the top end up near the power lines it took a few hours on the first day to locate where they were hanging, then we could concentrate our fishing in that one area over the next two days, 601points first day, 927second, 957 third, 2485 over 60 fish our biggest was 69 cm for the comp, we come 8th in 3man team 10th overall out of 220 team. If you like catching flathead I would recommend going in the comp with your mate or 2 as there are over 600 people all wanting to learn new fishing techniques on how to catch flathead and are keen to share their info with you over a beer or rum or just at the dinner table eating dinner four nights in a row. In my opinion it is the who's who in fishing and in tackle & to catch and release fish in the right manner, we fished hard body lures for the whole comp, lively lures, strike pro, tango shads, warlocks, greedy guts & try to work 1 lure for 15 min if not a sniff change lures. Look for a big bank like a foot ball field size then find the main point of where the bank drains to, that is where they are, as the water pushes them out then stay in around 3 to 5 feet I like to use the out board instead of the electric as when you see a tractor on a farm working the soil the birds follow picking up the worm and grubs it is the same in the water your prop is stirring up the bottom lifting bugs, prawns, small fish and my lure that's what the bigger fish like to eat. There were flathead caught just about everywhere but the bigger fish came from the Jumpin Pin, Kalinga bank, Crusoe & short island.
There are still a lot of Bream hanging around the pin as well. Jewfish reports are coming in fast big fish from the Pin, sea way, peel, goat, Harry's, marks rock & salt works all over the 1meter. Livies like mullet, herring, pike are all working well when you have a big lively mullet to keep the fish on the bottom don't use a bigger sinker that will snag you up so you grab your live bait and scissors and cut the bottom part of his tail off to the v in the tail and he will only swim down, when you are floating him on the surface you cut the top of the tail and he will only swim up to the top. If fishing plastics at the Pin in small tides use around 1oz on a 7 inch lure big tides from 1.5 to 2 oz on a 7 inch or 8 inch lure. I have been getting them on Zman 8 inch in bubblegum. There have been pike hanging around most boat ramps and jetties at high tide and low tide when the water slows down castnet or flick little hard body's, hardy heads are hanging there and Herring and Squid as well which all make good bait. Snapper are on the chew from Harry's, peel, green, mud, coochie, potts point & Lamb, all the way down to the Logan river & they are eating just about anything at the moment. School mackerel are at Greens, Harry's, Rous Channel and amity all on paravanes.
There have been a good run of winter whiting around Rous and summer whiting look for the cleaner water near the Pin, some fish up to 35cm. Mudcrabs are coming on with the rain we had last week and big tides so work the creeks small tides work the channels as a rule and sandcrabs are only in the clean water but in there numbers.
I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle,
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