Report 13/11/15

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Report 13/11/15

Post by subeditor » Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:14 pm

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine.There are a lot of Jewfish starting to show up as they come in from the ocean to spawn and school up close to the bars, river mouths and creek entrances just in time to eat the prawns as they start schooling in those areas as well. I have been fishing the Pin with a lot around 50cm but there's a few up over the 1m, using soft plastics in 7 inches & 8 inches are out fishing bait at the moment but the good old mullet, herring or pike will do the job, also the Seaway, Kalinga bank, short, marks rocks, cobby cobby hole, salt works, Potts point & Goat all have held fish in the last few weeks.
Snapper are at their best right now with reports of big fish from Harry, mud island, green island, peel island right down to lamb island. Most big fish were over 70cm but the average has been 45 to50 cm good eating size.
The bream are out in numbers close to any sort of structure, one local got over 20 legal bream out of 4 pots over two days in between Victoria point and Redland bay, at Potts point in the shallows, millionaire's row, Crusoe, short, tiger mullet Channel & the sticks at the Pin all have had good reports. A good starting point when teaching kids as you want the bait to get a bite after a few seconds from hitting the water and when catching them you need a good burley trail to keep the fish close, it's all about the numbers as you can teach them how to bait the hook, how to cast just out the back & how to scoop the fish in the boat, how to pull the hook out and how to release the fish to swim another day. When I was a little boy a wise man said to me Frandon why are you trying to catch the fish on the other side of the river and the man on the other side is trying to catch the fish on your side. I said, I saw him just catch a fish. His reply was, its best to fish on your side of the river and concentrate on the fish you are trying to catch it only looks greener on the other side, if you water your own bit of grass you will have the greenest grass in town.
Flathead, are a good option trolling the edge of the banks on low tide and the start of the run in will find you a good feed.
The Tailor have turned up outside on the shallow reef and bait grounds in the thousands and are hanging just outside the bar. I have been getting them close to the beach along north straddy where the waves break onto the beach, we have been bitten off by some big green backs, the biggest in the boat was 62cm. They have also been along the bedrooms down to Tipplers. There is a lot of bait in the bay at the bars and on the reefs which in return bring good fish but even bigger sharks.
I have been hooking up to hammerhead sharks on plastics in the Pin and if you do get a big fish and your drifting, try to drive after it keep closer to the fish as possible so when the fish is tired it will come straight up to the surface so the Sharks won't eat him. If on anchor have a big bouy float on anchor rope with a release clip so you can throw over and chase fish and still come back to your spot x on anchor.
The summer Whiting are on the beach side of the pin loving the beach worms, they are coming in on the run in tide and staying in 2 to 4m of water, yabbies and bloodworms are working well too. The winter Whiting are thick up between peel and Rous Channel.
The school mackerel have been caught in front of green island, front of the sand hills and in Rous Channel. There has been reports of small Spanish starting to show up at the top of Moreton island headland so it won't be long and they will be at the Gold Coast.
Mangrove jack love stormy Argos with high tide and high barometer over 1020 so now is the time to go and hunt one. I have caught jacks in the same place year after year, they are creature of habit and are very and aggressive, they will chase off any fish that moves in on his home.
The sandcrabs are in the clean water around tipplers, Canipa Passage, and all around peel down to Blakelys and the Mudcrabs will start to show up this week with the new moon close to the river mouths. I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle, Like our page on FB

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