Report 8/1/16

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Report 8/1/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Jan 08, 2016 2:28 pm

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. I have found the Mackerel in Rainbow Channel just past Dunwich up to the Wesley light beacon, inside of South passage bar, on the northern side of Peel from Lazarets gutter to Hope Banks & also in Rous Channel they seem to be eating the whiting in that area all around Harry Atkinsons and they have been running close to Cleveland and Wellington point right up to Green island and from Green to Hope Bank's beacon & paddock area also is from Mud Island across to the sand hill on Moreton. I find the run in tides the best, a few pointers to start with when chasing mackerel, a medium fast action spin rod with a fast gear ratio 5000 spin reel, 20lb braid, 30lb mono leader & a few slugs, different size in weight and colour to match the hatch to what type of bait the mackerel are eating. Look for the birds as they are looking for the fish too, as the mackerel school the white bait up into a very tight ball and push the bait to the surface, in return the birds essential get a good feed, the bigger the school of birds the bigger the school of fish generally. Now the trick is not to get too close and not to drive over them but watch the birds in the direction they are flying while they are in a feeding frenzy, stop in front of them about 50m or so and throw in to the school, as they swim to your boat you will see them swim right past you on the surface and you will hook up and most times you will see the hook up as well, it just don't get better than that, fishing at it's best. Spoons, slugs, stick bait lures & any type of plastic you will get bitten off as well but that's fishing, we all have a story of the biggest fish of the day getting away for another day lol. I have found Bonito around Green island to Harry's and long tail Tuna up just north of Rous Channel, I did hook some but got busted off.
The Whiting are right on the chew with reports from the sides of Rous Channel, Chain banks, small boat passage, maroon banks, squid cut in to small strips dyed pink are working the best. There has also been a lot of bream flathead whiting and a few squid in close to Coochie Island and Victoria point foreshore to Redland bay, high tide is the best for the mainland. Big summer Whiting are hanging from the mouth of the Logan River to the Pin, Tiger Mullet Channel, Wallys gutter & along the bedrooms to Tipplers. Look for the clean water keep moving till you find them, then anchor, also on the surf has had some horses coming in well over 40cm. Look for the gutter along the beach, no bites in ten mins next gutter, the gutter close to the Pin on south straddie is a good place to start.
Mangrove Jacks have been getting hunted at night more so than day, one trick to use at night when jack fishing is to get to where your planing on chasing them, have your live bait ready with a 6/0 gamakatsu hook and pin your livie through the mouth with no sinker or very little, then turn everything off and listen for the duff sound that the Jacks make when chasing the mullet on the surface, then sneak up and cast your livie to where you hear the noise and slowly wind in do the same thing with a plastic or hardbody too. Canapia passage down to slipping sands and Jacob Well Channel through to the Pimpama river and the Coomera River all had good reports.
Snapper have been a bit hit and miss but if you put in the hard yards you will get one. Just out from Lazarets gutter has been fishing really well with fish in there 50cm not uncommon, Harry's, Peel, Coochie & Potts Point have all got good fish but there has been a lot of shark in the same area as well, eating anything that moves. Some sharks have been over 3m long with guys getting sharked and only getting the snapper heads back. Jewfish are on at the Jumpin Pin, Gold Coast Seaway & any hole between the mouth of the River to the Pin should be holding big fish & big livies over 30+ cm will do the job. I have found a few prawns for Xmas as well so get your cast nets out and start looking in the areas were you have found them before. The Mudcrabs are in full swing with good reports from the mouth of the river and creeks and the Sandys are in the clean water up the Bay towards Peel. Spanner crabs are also being caught straight out the front of the Seaway in 40 to 45m of water. There has also been a few Wahoo, small black Marlin, Dolphin fish, Spanish Mackerel & Spotty Mackerel all trolled up on Hex head lures between South Passage Bar & Point Lookout & from Point Lookout to the Wave Rider bouy. A lot of Yellow tail Kingfish have been hanging around Boat Rock.
I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle. Like our page on FB

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