Report 12/2/16

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Report 12/2/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:13 pm

G'day everyone rain or shine fishing is always fine. Mackerel are a good choice at the moment with reports of Spanish mackerel starting to come in, the coffee rocks off Moreton, sevens reef, Point Lookout, boat rock, outside the Jumpinpin bar and there has been a few come inside Moreton and are hanging around big schools of spotty mackerel all the way down to Peel Island. The spotty have been around hope banks down to Peel but the bigger schools are over towards Moreton sand hills with some schools staying up for more than 10min in a feeding frenzy and I have pulled 5 fish out of the school and in the boat in that 10min, I have 3 rods ready I will get one fish in the boat and grab the next rod and go again as they say action station all hands on deck. I had a 5m tiger shark and 7 x 3m bull sharks following my boat. I would chase a school of mackerel driving from one school to another about 3 hundred metres and as I would pull up and start to throw my lure the sharks were circling the boat again. As I hook up I would try to keep fish on the surface and wind as fast as I can to make the fish swim with you straight to the boat and lift in ,I had 3 sharks ram my boat at the same time as I lifted the fish in, then Bailey said dad I think it's time to go before they jump in the boat. There has been a lot of school Mackerel hanging around green island caught on paravanes and a floating pilchard. There's been large schools of bonito around the gravel patch and longtail tuna around Rous channel and cobia on the whiting grounds all the way down to lamb island, not big fish but will give a good fight. The big snapper have been caught around Potts point, goat, peel, Harry's and a lot of fish over 70cm and very fat, a few kings have been caught from the pylons at Dunwich. Whiting are running at Rous channel, maroon hole, amity banks, pelican banks, banana banks, flat rock, flat rock channel, kangaroo island north channel & all the banks around the Pin. Worms, yabbies, squid, peeled prawns are all catching fish & are great bait.
Well now is the time to put in some hours on catching the Jewfish as they have finished their spawning just in time for the prawns season and are hungry and will eat just about anything. Places like the Pin and Seaway, live mullet or big plastics would do the trick but for all the river mouths and creeks live prawns would be my first choice, mullet or herring next, they have been in numbers close to the mouth of the river. Dylan got two Jew on chrome slugs on the surface as he was catching tailor in the river as they were eating the small bait prawn and you could see them jumping on the surface and if the fish missed the birds got them. He also got a 108cm threadfin on a livey anchored up just past Marks Rocks fishing for Jew, but reports from Pitts rock, marks rock, Little Rocky point, browns Bay, White cliffs in Canapia passage, short Island, Mackenzies hole, saltworks, lamb island are all good places to put some time into a Jew.
Prawns are the moments of conversations at the boat ramps around the Logan, Cabbage Tree Point and Jacobs well, as the prawn has showed itself at the Logan river, moored boat at Jacobs well and Rudy Mars, with good bags in the nets (you can see in my video ) the vibration you get in the net is the most inspired feeling you can get waiting for the net to hit the bottom floor and in that 1 second if you have landed on the prawn it shoots straight to the top of the net with a thud, 2prawn two thuds and when you got 50 prawn then it turns in to prawn fever and your adrenaline starts pumping and your hooked, so when your prawning there could be 50 to 100 boats at times so you need to be on your game, so you watch other prawners as a reference point on which way the prawns are heading, not head at the boat. I can throw the net and pull in a big bag full into the boat every one sees your catch and that's when their prawn fever kicks in you can be surrounded in seconds, it's a bit like dodgem cars at the show, no more like finding nemo with all the Pelicans and seagulls yelling out mine, mine, mine and diving straight at you haha. It don't matter how good or not so good you are but more about having fun and taking home a good feed to share with family and friends and sharing information with people that you only see and become fishing friends on the water. A lot of bream, mangrove jack and flathead are coming from the same area the prawns are hanging. The mud crabs are on the move with the rain and big tides at the mouths of drains and the sand crabs are more towards peel and further north to Harry's.
I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle.

Frandon Heseltine.
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