Report 22/4/16

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Report 22/4/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:28 am

The longtail Tuna are just getting thicker bigger schools and are starting to stay up for longer periods of time as they herd the fish to the surface. Look for the white water breaking the surface, slow the boat down before you get too close as you don't want to spook the fish, let them swim straight past your boat, throw your lure in front of the school, pink plastic have been doing the job for me but I think whatever you put in front of them in a feeding frenzy will get eaten. There has been spotty mackerel back at Hope Bank beacon, schoolies around Green, Harry's, Rous, Peel & grey mackerel at the back of Peel. I have seen a few Spanish jumping out of the water up to 6m high or more chasing bait at the back of Peel to west Peel reef.
Tailor have schooled up in the Pin Bar this week and have headed north up past slipping sands, Potts Point & Goat Island, they have been busting the surface on the run in tide, slugs and spinners will do the trick but on the run out they are staying deep, Zerek ripper diver 3 and 5m deep work really well, some of the fish were 60cm. The Whiting are up at Rous channel thick as I have ever seen them, they are that hungry not even 30secs and they have found your bait and if you don't lift your rod on the first bite they are swallowing the hook, Pelican banks, Amity banks, Banana banks are holding heaps of divers. The Summer Whiting are hanging closer to the Pin Bar, Wallys gutter, the Bedrooms, Fishermens channel, flat rock near the power lines but the biggest have come from the surf side of South Straddie near the bar.
Squid have moved back in, hanging around the jetties on the mainland and the bay islands anywhere the light shines on the water at night is a good place to start for land base squid fishing and the bay islands, also whiting grounds in the day just have a squid jig out the back while drifting.
Prawns are getting to the end of the season so if you have it on your bucket list for the year they will show up at Jacobs well, Rudy Mars, little rocky point, white cliffs, power lines, Giants grave, jacksons, salt works, redland bay, redland bay channel should get you started. There is two ways to catch prawns, look for them on the sounder if not sure what you are looking at, throw the cast net at it that's the quickest way to teach yourself how to read the sounder and you will learn quick. If you land on a school of frogmouth pillys or herring bugger you won't want to do that again soon but if you land on prawn you will be saying ahoy fellow boaters, my net has fireworks going off in the top pocket and the other way is to look for the boats throwing like crazy and playing dodgem boats at the same time you are on the money, if not sure what to do drive to the front of the pack and drift though them and they will go around you without you doing a thing but you will learn by watching everyone else prawning around you and that is the best way to learn, is to be aware of your surroundings, situation awareness at all times. The prawns have a lot of enemy as the Jew, mangrove jacks and threadfin salmon are making the best of it in the river, Marks Rocks, Pitts rock, all the way up to the junction, threadies over a metre are not uncommon. They love live prawns but live herring will do, jacks will eat anything put in front of them, Jew love live prawn too. When using live prawns put the hook just in front of his tail so it can still walk and flick itself away. Giants grave & the salt works are holding good fish, Harry's has big schools of Jew hanging around, look for the bait to find the fish. We had a session on them hooked 6 Jew, only got one in as they’re in the structure. If you don't lift their head up they will bust you off every time.
Well Snapper is coming on the menu as it is that time of year when you need a jumper or 2, maybe a sleeping bag to sit out there at night, I find it the best time as there is no boat traffic and noise, just pick the part of tide to fish for example get there before dark anchor in your spot x if you not sure about night time driving in pitch black and set your alarm on your phone for 1am in the morning as that is the part of the tide you want to fish and have a sleep till then, it is all about the tides, Harry's, Peel, Coochie, Potts point, Canapia passage & lamb island are all good places to start looking. There has been a lot of grass emperor, tuskfish, moses perch, morwong & school mackerel hanging at the northern side of Peel and up to Amity and over at Dunwich. Flathead have started school around the dirty water at the mouths of the rivers & creeks, a heap of bream are schooled up around Short and Crusoe Island as well. As usual Sandcrabs are in the clean water up the bay islands in the deep and Mudcrabs are in the shallows close to the mangroves. I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle.

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