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Report 27/5/16

Posted: Fri May 27, 2016 2:59 pm
by subeditor
Well the prawns have finished down this end of town but if you want some big buggers, Nudgee beach at dawn is the go as they have been schooling up out the front of Nudgee creek just be aware of the green zone north of Nudgee creek,the prawns have been in 10 to 15 feet deep and are showering on the surface when you drive over them,so have your net ready to throw as you come across them or you will only get one or two if you take to long to throw. The prawns were averaging around the 60grams but the biggest we got was 78gram and 16 prawns to make the 1kg .
There is a heap of tailor hanging around the bar and Crusoe down to Wallys gutter, Short island to Slipping sands,through Canaipa to pots point but the green backs are staying at the bar there is an abundance of hardy heads around the pin area and you will see them showering out of the water as the tailor are smashing them apart in a feeding frenzy throw your lure or bait straight at them and wind back slowly and hang on the biggest went 62cm, 35cm is legal fish.
There are big schools of trevally hang close to the bar as well. Flattys are making an early start to this year a few big fish in the 70+ range around the 'pin, the mouth of the Logan river and around the bay islands are fishing the best a lot in the 50-60 cm eating prawn mullet and good old pillys or plastics. The bream have schooled up at the pin,Crusoe,Short island,Tabby and Tiger mullet channel just have a good berley out the back to keep them there. Jewfish are in the best shape in years with the legal size increase to 75cm the fish get a chance to grow to a good size, witch in turn become harder to catch. The pin, Kalinga bank, Short island, Jacobs well channel, little rock point, Giants grave, Marks rock, Pits rock, Salt works, Pots point, Goat island,Peel and Harrys have all been producing Jew. Live baits are the best option when your leaning to catch Jew, but if you know how to catch them on bait, put a big plastic down and work it close to the bottom, as they don't play with it like bait, they just hit it hard. Make sure you hang on, as it can put the rod straight out of your hands.
There is still a lot of mackerel in the bay and the spotties have been hanging around Goat island and Harrys eating live or dead bait. The schoolies are up at Shark spit and the start of Rous channel, and also at Green island a few Spanish. Most fish have been taken on a 3in spoon troll on a paravane.
Snapper time is now if your keen to catch a big fish big baits and berley is a must, and only use enough sinker to get to the bottom a long leader about 1.5m long or longer and about 1oz glow sinker at night. If you can go smaller, do so, I like to use Gamakatsu Octopus circle 7/0-8/0 as they hook the fish for you when they take off with your bait. Captain Neilson, Harry Akitson, Mudd North East corner,Green island, Peel at Hanlon red beacon,Lazerit gutter, Peel art reef,the ledge on the eastern and western side of Goat island. That should get you in the right place to start, with but if you have a place were you have nail a few before now is the time to try your luck again.There are an abundance of sharks in the bay at the moment in one night. So far I've caught a Tiger, Bully, Hammered head, Black tip, Bronze, Gummy,and Wobbygong shark. Pillys, squid, prawns peeled and put on in a straight line so they don't twist your line, mullet fillets, all work.
The whiting aren't thick, but worth the effort as they are over 25cm. You will have to move around to find the fish in the small boat passage, Rous channel, pelicans bank, banana banks, down to middle bank.
There is also a lot of big squid coming from the same area eating pillys as well meant for school mackerel. Muddys have dropped right off but the sandies are coming on strong stay in the clean deep water.

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