Report 16/9/16

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Report 16/9/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Sep 16, 2016 11:45 am

Well, this is when you get some of the biggest snapper for the year in the bay, Harry's, the start of the Rouse channel, Peel Island artificial reef, near the oyster leases, Cucumber bend at Peel, Potts point, Coochiemudlo floating red beacon, the rubble patch at lamb island, and slipping sands. There has been a few around the Jumpinpin area, all the way down to the Logan river. A lot have fallen victim to live or dead potty mullet and herring, but pilchards and squid have been getting their fare share too.
Small soft plastics in the 'Samaki Boom Baits' and 'Z-Man' range have been working very well. A 'light' jig head is the key and if you have any old pillies from the last trip, bring them for berley and cut them into very small pieces, and slowly feed them out the back and that will help bring the fish closer to you. There has also been a few grass sweet lip, and blue parrots, coming from the same areas. Squid are out and about in the numbers all round Redland bay, Victoria point, Cleveland, Wellington, Manly, and the port of Brisbane river mouth around the rock walls for some land based.
Look for well lit areas, close to the jetties and boat ramps is a good start, but the islands fishing well, more so at night, with reports of squid coming from the whiting banks, and weed banks through the day. I have been getting them over the 1kg mark on most trips, and the heads make for the best Snapper and Jew baits as well. There's been a lot of jewfish coming in all year, a lot of under size, but, just as many over the average sizes of 80-100cm. A few over the meter mark and weighing in at around the 20-25kg these are some big fish who put up one hell of a fight!
Plastics are catching some good fish, the 'Z-man 7-8" Pink Bubblegum, mated with a 1-3oz 8/0 size hook, or a Snell Rig which consists of 2x8/0 hooks, a meter of leader, to a swivel with a running sinker. Mullet, Pike, Gar , Big Herring, Yakka, and some big Tailor are all on the menu.The seaway, Jumpinpin bar, Klingon bank, the corner of Crousoe and Short islands, White Cliffs, Browns Bay, Marks Rocks, Pitts Rock, Salt Works, Lamb Island, Potts Point, Coochiemudlo, Peel Artificial reef, and Harry's are providing fish on a regular basis just to name a few.
Winter Whiting are in big numbers up the bay, around the Rouse channel,and the Amity, Banana and Pelican banks. There is some monster Summer Whiting coming from the edge of the dirty water, not far from the mouth of the Logan to the pin, some have come close to the 1kg mark, all on sand and blood worms, or thin slices of squid, dyed pink with food colouring are working the best.
Flatty season is once again approaching and they are coming on strong! There is some big fish over the size limit, well in to the 80s and 90cm, but, when you find a big one there will be a heap of small one in that same spot. Trolling hard bodies are a good way to find the fish, and once found, you can work that area with plastics from the mouths of the rivers all the way to the pin. I myself, have found them all through the system. There has also been a few mangrove jacks starting to come in with the warmer weather and the rain, close to the river and creek mouths, live Mullet or Herring have been working well. There is a heap of long-tail Tuna all over the bay, with schools of small Bonito too, and there are a few Spanish Mackerel off the top of Moreton. A lot of pan size Snapper, Pearlies, Parrot, Yellow-tail kings and Amber-jacks too, straight out front of the south passage bar.

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