Report 2/12/16

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Report 2/12/16

Post by subeditor » Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:55 pm

Rain or shine, fishing is always fine. Well we are approaching the end of 2016 at a fast rate of knots, they seem to go quicker as you get older. So it's time to get the cast net out and brush up on your casting skills, as I have seen a few prawns starting to school. A good sign is when you see the trawlers in the Brisbane and the Logan river working their nets, also you will start to see the prawns skipping on the surface as you or the fish spooks them in the shallow water. Mackerel season is upon us and the schoolies are small and in huge numbers at the moment but they grow quickly and paravanes make light work on them, they have been hanging around south passage bar. Spotties are looking bigger than this time last year and they will only get bigger and more of them so look for any bird action even if it's only one, watch what it's doing and it will tell you, if you see it stay in the one spot and keep dropping to the water it's feeding and if he is just flying but keeps dropping and stops about 2m from the surface then the bait is two meters under the surface and the school of fish is under that, and if he takes off at a hundred miles an hour he has seen his mates having lunch somewhere else so follow him. I'm using samaki boom baits 3"forking jerk ghost bait with a size 1/2 headlock jighead to give you casting distance 4/0 hook is a perfect, match the hatch and Samaki spinners are perfect when the fish are on the surface so look for any sign of possible fish is the best way in finding them or any boats thats on the lookout too. School mackerel are 50cm legal and spotty are 60cm legal. The sand hills, rous channel, hope bank, Harry and rainbow channel have had reports of good catches.
Squid are a good option still as they will like the nights more now as it's getting hotter but you will find them on the whiting grounds all year round day or night and there has been heaps still coming from the jettys and boat ramps on the main land from Redland bay, Victoria point, Wellington point, manly, raby bay and port of Brisbane boat ramp. There also been a lot of bream in all the same areas as the squid with a few Moses perch and trevally as well hanging with the jacks. Mr Jack is hitting potty mullet like a steam train so have good shock leader to help with abrasion resistances as he don't play fair if there's a snag he will find it ,mouth of the Logan, Pimpama,any were small feeder creeks flow in to the main channel is a great place to start they love to eat anything that moves.
There has been a good run of squire and a few snapper, a lot are coming from around the bay island even around the moored boats that are there permanently as they give great cover and structure. There's been a lot from the mouth of the Brisbane river and on the western side of mud island and green island, Harrys & peel are fishing as good. You just have to be in stealth mode if your in shallow they are taking a liking to those boom baits, its good to see what the fish are eating as then you know what bait or lures to use. The grass emperor are coming on the bite with this hot weather, a few blue parrotfish are coming from the eastern side of the bay, the blue hole is a good place to start and in close to the rock wall at amity, legal size male sand crab are the prime bait for these big blues and the grassies like peeled prawns, and squid strips but any bait can do the job.
The winter whiting are running hot at rous channel, the small boat passage down to naval reserve banks and amity banks the paternoster rig with 2 hooks about a foot apart and a small sinker a foot lower on the bottom and you will get a double hook up and the summer whiting are up the mouths of the rivers and creeks around the power lines, Fishermans gutter, slipping sands, tiger mullet channel, tipplers, bed rooms, the mouth of the pimpama near couran cove and there's heaps coming in over 40cm worms or yabbies or small prawns. Flathead are just about everywhere as the hot weather brings them on the bite, they love a drifting pilly with not much sinker like a 2 or 3 ball, they are eating livies meant for jacks, Jew and cod. The jewfish have been at the bigger end of the scale this month, most have been over the metre mark & hanging at Harrys, peel artificial, Potts point wreck, coochie artificial,the boats at Macleay, salt works, Giants grave, marks rock, short island, kalinga bank and the pin. Live mullet or herring is doing the best but if your near the bar and the tailor are there catch a few for live bait over 35 cm of course and hang on as it's not just Jew fish down there, big sharks too. The mudcrabs should start running this week with big tides but sandcrabs are coming on strong heading from mud island to peel. I hope u can get out on the water, from the crew at Victoria Point Bait & Tackle. Like our page on FB

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