Report 9/12/16

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Report 9/12/16

Postby subeditor » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:41 pm

All the Fin Fish Spawning Closures have come and gone for another year and we are getting some days with lighter winds, allowing the small boat brigade to get out to the reef for a shot at some Coral Trout for Xmas dinner. Mixed results have been reported recently, with some fishers bagging out and others struggling for a feed. The reports seem to indicate the fish are up in the shallower water than they have been. 20 to 30 metres have been throwing up reasonable numbers around some of the southern reefs. The “no run no fun” saying is holding up so look for some current running onto the reef or round the edges, and if there is bait in the area even better. Fuselier’s or any other bait for that matter, showering on the surface is like a neon sign flashing fish here. It isn’t natural for them to be up on the surface and are only there because large fish are pushing them up from below. Birds working from above are the other signpost, so keep your eyes open and looking. The local wrecks have been popular with Trevally, Mackerel and Cobia the main targets. The various bottom fish will also be there but not in big numbers. Nannygai in big numbers are usually only small and undersized. If you find you are just getting numbers of undersized fish, move away from the structure a small distance and have a search with your sounder for the larger specimens sitting away from the nursery. Soft Plastics jigged around these areas are very productive. Lighter gear will give the lures much better action but it is a challenge to then get them past the Sharks that in spite of what we are told on the news are around in numbers that I can’t remember! In some areas you are lucky to get a decent fish to the boat that is more than a head. I hate feeding the sharks good quality eating fish. Take advantage of any good weather from now on to get out and catch some fresh fish for Xmas dinner.

Barramundi season is now closed so we all have to look elsewhere for our fishing fix. With the large morning summer high tides that we are building towards next week, it is a prime time to head out on the Hospital Flats to chase the great eating Grunter (javelin Fish). The early tides mean you have to get out of bed early to fish up to the top of the tide and about 1 hour after the turn, be on the way home before it gets too hot! Fillet baits of Mullet or Garfish with whole Sardines and Mud Herring are close to second as prime baits. Light line and a small running sinker are needed as they can be very shy biters. A decent sized bait will deter the Razor Gang of small fish that attack any bait they can. If we get some northerly winds at the same time there will also be some Salmon about. Up the rivers and creeks the Mangrove Jack are still about in fairly good numbers. Live bait or again a generous strip bait should give you the best chance of bringing home a feed. School Trevally will be chasing the bait schools around the estuaries especially when we finally get some rain to encourage toe bait species like Sardines and Herring to breed. Rain will also bring out the Prawns and that will encourage the fish to show in numbers. Lets all pray for heaps of rain because we need it badly!

The lack of rain has kept most rivers at levels that are below where they have been for years. This means the fish are more concentrated into areas where there is enough water for them. The first rains will see the Jungle Perch head downstream to breed and the Sooty Grunter School up as spawning groups and take advantage of the rise in water levels. The usual rules apply that Topwater lures early and late in the day with deeper diving or sinking in the middle of the day as that is where the fish tend to move. I am hoping for some flooding in the local rivers over the next couple of months so there is time to stay away from those areas. Flooded rivers and creeks hold all sorts of dangers that should be avoided. Many families in the north spend Xmas camped alongside our beautiful rivers. And where else would you rather be? Some fishing, swimming or just relaxing in our beautiful surrounds. Simple fishing gear and some bait will keep the kids interested all day and hopefully no phone or internet service to distract them. So this Xmas don’t buy them an electrical device - buy them a fishing rod, it will be better for them in the long run.

Water levels continue to tumble and are now at 35% prompting the authorities to close the dam to water skiers. This should be a warning to all users that motoring around the dam should be done with the utmost care as any other approach is very dangerous. Many regular users are finding obstacles where they generally fish. Whether it is exposed rocks stumps or just land, the danger is real and should be given the care it deserves. This is not to deter you from heading up there for a fish as there are still plenty of big Barramundi to be caught. Night time is the best for a number of reasons but makes the dangers more acute. The heat of the middle of the day is certainly a large deterrent but don’t discount the nights getting fairly cold - always ensure you have warm gear even though it is the middle of a hot summer. The smaller area of water also means you will be fishing in closer quarters with other anglers and a dose of courtesy by all will make the fishing much more enjoyable and safe. Scott from Bills Marine headed up last week and landed his PB Fish. This is achievable for all of us if you put in the effort!

This Saturday is your chance to win a Quintrex Tinny and motor from Bills Marine. The only thing you need to do is come into the Aumuller Street store this Saturday and test drive the brand new MY17 COLORADO from Irelands. The boys will be here with a sausage sizzle and a couple of test vehicles for you to test drive. After a quick look over one the other day I’m a little dirty that I can’t enter. Not that that will stop me having a test drive to ensure that it is as good as it looks. Then if you were to buy one I’m sure you would get a heap of entries in the tinny and $1000 worth of tackle to complete the rig. These test drives will happen at other locations over the next few weeks but when it is at the tackle shop there doesn’t need to be any other reason to get in and have a test drive.

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