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Report 12/1/18

Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 1:34 pm
by subeditor
Here’s hoping the New Year gives us some, no heaps of rain to freshen up the whole water system. The lack of rain so far has seen higher than normal surface temperatures on the water. This means the better fishing has been in the deeper water for the most part. The usual 30m fishing has been quiet and those fishing 50m seem to be doing much better. The lesson here is to fish in deeper water than you would normally. Red Emperor and Nannygai have however been about in fairly good numbers for those who put in the effort. Coral Trout as well but as I stated they are a bit deeper than usual. They are up in the shallower water from the divers reports but are just not feeding up there. The evening and early morning appear to be the best times and that is due to a number of reasons not the least of which being the oppressive heat that we have been having. Being out in the middle of the day isn’t that attractive at the moment and can be downright dangerous if you don’t stay hydrated and out of the sun somewhat so you don’t get fried. I have had a few reports of caught Mackerel being all roed up which adds weight to the theory that the seasons are all messed up this year. There have also been reports of school Mackerel showing up down the coast which shouldn’t be happening for another couple of months. I can’t make sense of it, my best advice is just go fishing.

Starting at the inshore wrecks and rubble patches is a good place to have an exciting session jigging if you are out of a small boat. Fingermark(Golden Snapper) have been taken on both MicroJigs and the various Soft Vibes, the best being the Quiet Beats from Jackson lures. In Jigs the Entice Flop have been doing the job very well. The centre weighted design allows the jig to flutter down often getting bitten on the way. Surprising results have also showed up using the various Prawn style Soft plastic lures on the market. Due to the lack of weight in many of these they need to be rigged on a dropper rig with enough weight to get them down. The big summer tides have seen some really good quality Grunter showing up on the Hospital Flats. If High Tide coincides with Dawn or Dusk that is the best for the fish and the anglers as the middle of the day heat at the moment can be unbearable and even dangerous to one’s health. Be sure to stay hydrated. Mangrove Jacks have been and still are the mainstay for the lure fishermen around the local waterways. Weedless soft Plastics fished way back in the Mangroves have found good numbers. It is up to you to get them out. The predicted Northerly winds should along with a little rain bring on the Salmon with some scatted reports coming in. The various Trevallies are also fairly common. Keep one fresh for the BBQ and let the rest go as they don’t keep well. More rain is needed to give us a bigger flush of Prawns, There are enough around to make a session with the cast net a good idea But be cereful of the Jellyfish that will also come with the northerlies.

The lack of rain has seen most of our local rivers low and clear. This has a twofold result in that there is less water for the fish to be in but they are much more flighty so harder to fool with a lure or bait. The other result of lack of rain is there are more Mangrove Jacks high up in the rivers and are a real surprise when you are fishing light line for Sooties and Jungle Perch. I think we are all hanging out for a big wet to flush out the rivers but I can’t see anything in the weather map to indicate this could happen any time soon. Much as I hate to say it we really need a cyclone to give us enough rain to clear up the rivers and fill our Dams. But not too much destructive winds please. The other warning at this time of the year are the Snakes along the rivers. Due to the dryness many of our frog species head to the water and the snakes follow them. If you run into any head the opposite direction as they can’t bite you when you are 100yards away. I just love the Freshwater areas at this time of the year as it is much cooler and a quick dip even better.

We are now down to 36.2% water level. AS I said there isn’t any sign of rain in near future so there is speed restrictions on Tinaroo Dam so check before you do anything. The fishing from the bank should still be good and with the low water the area’s to target are smaller and the fish more concentrated. Fish at night or at very least early morning and evening when the temperature is cooler is better for both fish and angler. If you are boating please be very careful and courteous to other users and ensure new don’t have any incidents that could give officialdom any excuse for further restrictions to our usage of this fabulous waterway. Top water lures fished slowly have resulted in plenty of action recently. The new swimbaits that have been all the go recently have been turning up quite a few big Barramundi. Fished slowly over the weed beds and shallow water results in some spectacular strikes which get the blood pumping. Big Barramundi close quarters fishing is about as exciting as it gets.

Product for this month is our new staff member Gina. Gina comes to us with a wealth of fishing knowledge gained from a fishing family and continued with fishing experiences around Australia and the World. From Bream to Marlin she can advise you on the tackle and methods to catch them. We are very pleased to have her on board especially as there are more and more ladies fishing. Please make her welcome when you are in the shop.

Put a plan into place for the opening of the Barramundi season for midday on the first of February. It looks likely to be a wet opening so there should be Barramundi around any runouts from storm water. The coloured water running into the clear water creates a distinct colour change line which when in a Barramundi area is the first place to toss a lure or live bait. If the rains that I am hoping for come it will rule out some of the usual remote area secret spots with road camp area closures so if that is an annual trip you will need a plan B which is much more accessible. Do not get yourself in a situation that may mean someone else has to risk themselves to rescue you. The rain will likely bring schools of Prawns so a couple of Soft Prawn Lures should be in your tackle box. Places that will be easily accessible are Daintree River and Hinchenbrook Channel which are both all weather access areas. Hinchinbrook in particular has plenty of fishing area to cover any conditions and tides. The opening is not that far away so be ready.

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