Report 6/6/19

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Report 6/6/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 06, 2019 2:29 pm

Before the storm came through this week the fishing was excellent on the beaches with very large winter bream being taken as well as some very nice whiting in the gutters and tailor in the evenings.

As the conditions settle a bit the fishing should get a lot better with new gutters being formed and bringing the fish in closer to shore hunting for worms and pipis that have been stirred up.

After a storm there is usually a bit of weed turning up on the beaches and it is a matter of checking out the beaches that are holding weed and going to some other location.

Dee why Collaroy and long reef usually have more weed than some of the other beaches and they will take a bit of time to clear.

With a large flow of water going through Narrabeen Lake not only does it release a lot of bait into the ocean it allows for a fresh run of fish into the lake.

Fishing at the mouth after the sun goes down and on a rising tide could see a fish or two and maybe a chance of a mulloway if you are prepared to put in the time.

Inside the harbour some anglers while out on a recent charter have caught very large snapper that are usually found further out on the reefs.

Along with big snapper the flathead have been very active and for some anglers there have been some nice mulloway taken while fishing into the night.

As with all good fish like these you can usually get a picture but not the secret location.

Fishing from the rock platforms and ledges should be very good as the swell dies down with the opportunity of picking up a snapper or two as they move in close to shore to feed on anything that has been dislodged over the last few days.

As well as snapper there should be some luderick and drummer eager for a feed.

With all rock fishing a lot of care must be taken and it is not for a beginner or someone just starting out unless they are with someone that is experienced and has the knowledge the rocks and the tides.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O Hagan

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