Report 29/8/19

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Report 29/8/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:05 pm

When the swell died down the fishing got better.

Inside the harbour and around the artificial reef there are big numbers of slimey Mackerel giving anglers the chance to pick up a tank of live bait or some good bait for the fridge.

For a while the water was crystal clear and picking up a few Squid was a bit of a problem for some anglers but with the water getting a bit of colour into it they should be on the move again.

With a lot of anglers Squid and live Yellowtail on a downrigger is the way to go but for some anglers they are having a lot of success picking up some good Kingfish while using unweighted Garfish floating down through the water column.

Outside the heads on the rock ledges the Luderick and Drummer are in good numbers and with a handful of weed and some bread there is always the chance of picking up a good feed for the table.

Fishing for Snapper of the rocks has improved after the swell with good pan sized fish being taken around north curl curl and long reef when the conditions have been safe to fish.

Beach fishing has improved from Manly to Narrabeen with some new gutters and well worth a fish for a few Whiting and Bream using worms or Pilchards.

There are reports that long reef is holding a lot of the small Kingfish and with a few larger ones among them but the Snapper are in good numbers and are being taken on plastics and small jigs while on the drift.

Further out at the peak and the twelve mile there are a lot of good Kingfish when conditions are good but if you are travelling out that far make sure you have plenty of options like live baits as well as jigs as the fish will change from one to another depending on what kind of a mood they are in.

There have been no reports of any Tuna over the weekend but when conditions are right it is always a good time to get out and troll a few skirts and lures around. You never know what you might catch.

Paul O Hagan

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