Report 19/9/19

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Report 19/9/19

Post by Nicole Penfold » Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:01 pm

Before the heavy rains arrived this week the harbour has been on fire with very large schools of salmon working small baitfish up and beyond the harbour bridge and for a lot of anglers casting small metals and trolling bibbed lures around the schools has been the best way to pick up a few fish.

There have been a lot of reports this week that some very large king fish are on the move inside the harbour with fish above the one metre mark being taken while trolling live slimey mackerel on downriggers.

Just outside the harbour along north head the kings have been taken in good numbers as they lie below the schools of salmon that are easily marked by the amount of seagulls that are hovering above the schools.

With the amount of bait schools that is around at the moment there is no reason for these fish to move from this area in the near future giving some of our rock fishermen the opportunity of spinning up a fish or two from the ledges.

With the recent amount of rain that we have had our beach fishing should improve dramatically with baitfish being washed out of our lagoons and into the ocean attracting all manner of predators and maybe a mulloway or two.

Good reports from anglers fishing long reef with some good pan sized snapper being taken through the day and for some fishing the early morning and afternoons fish from sixty to seventy centimetres have been taken on plastics and strip baits.

With a lot of boats travelling from the harbour over to long reef it is sometimes a good idea to slow down and troll a few diving lures along the front of the heads and around by blue fish point before making the journey as these areas frequently hold some good king fish.

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Arti Johnson with a beautiful Mulloway taken in Sydney harbour on a recent fishing trip.

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