Report 24/2/18

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Report 24/2/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:34 pm

With the seas settling down this weekend there is the opportunity for some of our anglers to get offshore for a bit of quality game fishing. The hot current is still holding off Sydney and with large schools of bait fish around there is always a chance of taking any of our three species of marlin while trolling. Fishing the fads and offshore marks has seen a significant rise in the amount of mahi mahi that have been putting on lots of weight over the last month.

While these fish are in good numbers they are also very picky as to what they will take.

Squid from all reports seems to be the bait of choice, so if you are heading out make sure you try and pick up some squid before you set off as it can make the difference.

There have been reports of good numbers of squid around the pontoons inside the Spit Bridge and although they are not very large, it is still a great bait.

The Spit has seen an increase in the amount of salmon that are on patrol as they push large schools of bait fish close to shore within casting distance for the shore based anglers that are willing to fish with very light spin gear and or fly gear.

Sydney Harbour is in full swing at the moment with large flocks of sea birds working the water for the crumbs left behind by the schools of feeding salmon and bonito.

As with every day being different and fish feeding patterns changing the fish seem to have gone back to the early season menu with small white bait on the top of their list.

When they are feeding on small white bait it can be a very frustrating time for some anglers. Others that choose to fish with very light outfits and small metals can find it very rewarding.

Fishing from some of our beaches has improved with whiting and bream on offer from Narrabeen to Palm Beach.

While some of our beaches have been doing well, others are very slow and the only reports that are coming in are of sting rays and whaler sharks.
Rock fishing, when the swell allows, has been very good with some large kings and lots of bonito taking a range of baits.

Usually after the swell dies down there is a good opportunity to pick up a snapper or two in close fishing in the wash with plastics or further out with some well presented pieces of squid or salted fish fillets.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O Hagan

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