Report 16/3/18

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Report 16/3/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:26 pm

For the offshore anglers it has been a bonanza with the hot water holding around the Sydney coastline there have been some great reports of good sized Mahi Mahi being taken on the fads.

While the fad at Dee Why has been producing some of the smaller fish most of the larger ones have been taken further out and down the coast towards the Botany Bay wide fad. While these are a great capture for any angler there is a lot more on offer for those trolling skirted lures around our coastline at the minute.

Blue and striped marlin have been reported in large numbers and with reports of yellowfin tuna and wahoo turning up it cannot get much better. Trolling a range of small and large lures on a good day should see a strike or two from some of these species.

Inside the Harbour fishing continues to be of top quality for those anglers in boats and from the shoreline. There is still a large quantity of bonito, salmon and kings chasing baitfish through the Harbour and the only thing that changes is the size of the bait that they are taking on the day. A variety of lures and baits should be taken on any trip as this will increase your chances of getting a feed of fresh fish.

The sand blockage at Narrabeen has been taken out earlier in the week allowing the lake to flow again. Not only will this refresh the lake and stir the fish up it will give some anglers the chance of picking up a mulloway or two as they will be on patrol at the entrance looking for a feed.

There has been an increase in the number of reports coming in of mulloway being taken from Curl Curl to Palm beach in the evening. A good strip bait or squid and a lot of patience is the key to picking up one of these elusive predators and even a shark or two.

Fishing from the rocks and headlands when the sea allows means there is a lot of action with bonito and kingfish being taken from north and south Curl Curl in the early morning. Blue fish point North head and Old Man’s Hat are also some of the better locations to pick up some bonito and or kingfish for those willing to make the effort to walk into these areas.

Beach fishing is still up and down and it is a matter of finding the beach that is working at the time. The early morning before the sun comes up seems to be the prime time for to pick up a feed of whiting and or bream.

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