Report 20/4/18

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Report 20/4/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:09 am

Fishing from our beaches this week has been difficult with some of them holding large amounts of sea weed while others are in good condition and delivering some good bags of fish.

One such beach is freshwater with a nice gutter in the middle holding good quantities of whiting and some excellent bream and flathead. Although worms seem to be the bait of choice on light tackle a small strip of mullet could pick up a nice bream or flathead.

As for reports of mulloway there is not a lot coming in at the moment but hopefully this will change as anglers chase these elusive fish.

From the rock platforms there has been mixed reports with some offering large quantities of good sized bonito while others have small and medium sized kingfish taking stick baits and or live baits. While fishing the ledges with stickbaits or metals a lot of patience is required and an awful lot of casting.

There has been some very good reports coming in from some of our anglers fishing around the Longreef area with good numbers of snapper being taken and some kingfish up and around the metre mark.

Inside the harbour the mix of tailor,bonito and rat king fish are still on the prowl being taken on a range of baits. Trolling small divers has been very successful way to pick up a feed as well as casting a few metals around.

Over the past week some anglers are reporting that they are picking up a squid on every second cast around the spit bridge so if squidding is your thing it would be a good time to pay head down in the evening and give it a go.

Picking up slimies and yellowtail from the artificial reef seems to be getting more difficult with a large quantity of leather jackets dominating the reef and biting of anything that comes into range.

For those that can get a tank full of livies and head out to the offshore reefs there is a lot on offer from very large kingfish around the twelve mile to good mahi mahi still holding on some of the fad,s and the fish traps.

There has not been many reports of marlin captures this week although that could be from the fact that not many boats have been out chasing them or things have just gone quiet.

Paul O Hagan

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