Report 8/6/18

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Report 8/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Thu Jun 14, 2018 2:52 pm

With the bad weather and high seas that we have had over the last week the fishing has taken a down turn with not many boats being able to get out of the harbour although some of our anglers have braved the conditions and still managed to pick up a feed of king fish inside the harbour fishing above the spit bridge and around the sheltered bays on the way to Roseville bridge.

For the land based anglers there are still a lot of good bream and flathead being taken around little Manly point from the wharf area and towards Collins flats for those anglers that have braved the cold and wet conditions.

For those anglers that have fished the high tides on the beach there is still a few fish to be taken as the sea churns up the sand and releases pippis and worms to the waiting fish that are on patrol.

For a lot of our fishos it has been a frustrating time as we wait for a change in the weather conditions but is a good time to check out the equipment and make sure all is well for their next trip out.

Pre rigging some gear can save a lot of time when the bite comes on as this can last for a very short time.

A lot of fishos come in with a common problem that their line is breaking either on a fish or while casting and it is sometimes as easy as checking their guides on the rod as a very small crack on one of the guides could fray a line to the point of snapping.

For those fishos that want to get out and have a go there is plenty of squid in the sheltered areas in and around the spit bridge.

Armed with a handful of small squid jigs and a light rod it is a good way to pick up a feed or catch one of the best live or dead baits you can use to pick most of our species that are available.

Paul O Hagan

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