Report 21/6/18

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Report 21/6/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Wed Jun 27, 2018 3:57 pm

With the weather and the sea conditions changing from one day to the next the fishing is going up and down from good to poor.

For the dedicated anglers that are prepared to wrap up well and keep some wet weather gear handy there is still a good variety of fish to be taken from along our beaches and inside the harbour.

There have been some good reports from some anglers that there is a very large school of salmon travelling between shelly beach and the headlands.
While the salmon seem to be feeding on some very small whitebait it is making things very difficult for some anglers to get a hook up as you need to fish with something close to the size of the bait that they are taking.

For some of our anglers with a fly fishing outfit it is the opportunity to pick up a few fish using small epoxy minnows, as this is the nearest thing to what they are feeding on.

In the evening just before dark the fish seem to change their feeding pattern and a pilchard our fish fillet fished on a set of gang hooks can result in a hook up or two and there is always the chance of picking up a Mulloway.

For a few anglers on manly beach there has been an abundance of whiting being taken on fresh and frozen worms between the pipe at north styne and queenscliff pool.

Although there is quite a lot of small fish it is still good fun fishing with a light beach outfit.

The best results have usually come from anglers moving up and down the beach and checking out any of the gutters that are there.

With the swell rising and the constant rain over the last few days it should not be long before our lagoons are opened to the ocean attracting a rang of predators looking to pick up some of the small mullet that usually get caught up in the run out.

The good thing about the lagoons being opened is the waterways get a chance to clean up and with fresh oxygen being pumped through them it should get the fish into a feeding mode.

For the days that boats have been able to get out on the harbour there is still a good mix of fish to be had from flathead and bream in the shallows to salmon and king fish in the deeper water and around the marker buoys.

Paul O Hagan

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