Report 9/8/18

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Report 9/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:52 pm

Fishing form the stones and rock ledges has had a bit of a lift this week with reports coming in that the rocks at curl curl have been giving up some reasonable sized king fish in the early morning and for those that are fishing through the day luderick is on the menu taking weed and cabbage.
While the rocks seem to be fishing well in this area the beach has a nice deep gutter about half way up the beach and there have been some good reports of salmon being taken in the early morning and the evening on pilchard.

For some of our other rock platforms like north head and bluefish point the target is drummer a good hard fighting fish as some anglers have found out as their hook gets straightened.

There have also been some good reports coming from Collaroy beach with salmon and some very large tailor being taken on pilchards.
Further up the peninsula there are still a few snapper being taken but not in any big numbers as the water is crystal clear and needs a good stir up to get them in close and on the feed.

Inside the harbour nothing much has changed over the last week with salmon tailor and the odd kingfish dominating the results.
Narrabeen Lake has estuary perch taking a few lures but beware of the long toms as they are snapping a few lines with their mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

Offshore on the weekend the mako shark tournament was held and there were a lot of anglers locked into some very large sharks from makos to tiger and the battle was on.

I have not had any reports from any anglers marking any tuna but this can change from day to day with temperatures and currents always on the move.
Wile there have been a large number of kingfish holding on the twelve mile reef over the last few weeks and eager to take metal jigs and live baits there has been a lot of days where anglers have made the long trip out and have had no results and not marked any fish other than leather jackets taking their lures.

Paul O Hagan.

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