Report 18/8/18

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Report 18/8/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Aug 24, 2018 4:51 pm

Recent reports have come in that a very large school of salmon are working the water just of north and south heads schooling up small baitfish.
As always with these fish when they are in large schools it is still a good idea to approach them slowly as they can sometimes spook very easily and go down but should only be a short time before they rise to the surface again.

While they are holding around the heads at the moment it will not be long before these fish filter into the harbour in big numbers.

When you have schools of fish working the water there is always a chance of some good kingfish sitting beneath the schools.

For those anglers that are travelling to the outer reefs a bit of time spent working the artifical reef as it is holding a good number of slimey mackerel and yellowtail can make the difference between some fish and no fish.

The twelve-mile is still the favourite spot for those anglers that are chasing a feed of kingfish although there are days that the fish do not want to play ball but that is fishing.

Around Browns Mountain the gem fish are still eager for a feed and there have been some excellent fish taken.

There has been a lot of reports that mako sharks are in numbers around our reefs and giving some anglers the chance of catching 0ne of these acrobatic predators if they can hold on to them.

Beach fishing is still a bit slow but for some anglers using very light line the results are good.

With the water being very clear at the moment the only way to fish is with the lightest line and sinker possible and working the gutters.

At the rocky end of some beaches there have been an increase in the amount of bronze and dusky whalers and with a mix of port Jackson sharks it can be very frustrating for anglers trying to pick up a mulloway.

There have been some anglers taking the trip up to manly dam hoping to catch a few early bass and having some good results with surface lures in the early morning and just before dark.

Queenscliff lagoon and Narrabeen lake still have a few estuary perch eager for a small hard bodied lure or a small soft vibe and there is always the chance of a nice flathead.

Paul O Hagan.

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