Report 12/10/18

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Report 12/10/18

Post by Nicole Penfold » Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:37 pm

School holidays can be great fun on the water as can be seen with Jett Binks and Luciano Franco holding up a great pair of kingfish that they caught on a recent fishing trip while having a day out on the boat with their fathers.

With the bad run of weather over the last few weeks the opportunity of getting out for a fish has been very limited but for those that got out there for a fish the rewards have been well worth the trip with some good sized kingfish and snapper taken from the long reef area.

As well as kings and snapper there have been a lot of reports that a very large seal is working the area and is keen to take a fish or two from some anglers as well as taking their live baits.

There have also been reports of mako sharks looking for their share of the spoils and giving some anglers a bit of excitement as they tangle with these awesome predators.

With all the run off from the recent rains the squid seem to have gone into hiding as they are not very fond of the fresh dirty water making it very hard for anglers to pick up a feed or a good live bait.

Inside the harbour there are still good numbers of salmon and tailor chasing schools of baitfish and with bonito and kings among them the harbour is the spot to be at.

Narrabeen lagoon was cut out into the ocean for a very short time allowing the lake level to drop before they closed it up again but hopefully it has had a chance of being refreshed and gets the fish on the move and on the take.

Beach fishing is still slow for some anglers but for those that make the effort in the early morning and in the evening armed with some good fresh bait the rewards are there to be had when the weather is favourable.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

Paul O Hagan

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