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Report 18/10/18

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:46 pm
by Nicole Penfold
A big weekend for snapper with Warringah anglers hosting the annual snapper competion catch and release with the proceeds being donated to a very worthy cause Bear Cottage at Westmead.

There are a few ways to target these fish from the land or boat but one of the key ingredients is berley laid down in a trail to draw fish in from far and wide.

Soft plastics are very popular while fishing from a boat and for some the traditional method of bait fishing is the way to go.

Kingfish have started to show up in good numbers of our headlands and reefs with reports of some being taken in and around blue fish point and the front of north head.

There have also been some good reports of kings on the prowl between the Spit Bridge and Roseville boat ramp chasing small baitfish.

As fish travel up past the bridge fishing in the area around Clontarf is a good ambush point to pick up a fish or two on metals or small stick baits and a livey put out under a float is always a good alternative.

There are still large quantities of salmon and tailor roaming around inside the harbour and along the headlands eager to take a small metal and hard bodied lures.

From the beaches there has been a few anglers fishing in the evening have encountered a few mulloway but as always there is no information as to the location or the secret spot.

Narrabeen lake was able to get a bit of a flush out when the lake was opened and it seems to have brought the flathead on the bite and eager to get a feed in the evening.

Small vibes and hard bodied diving lures seem to be the way to get a few fish by working around the weed beds and the drop offs at the back of the lake.

There have been some reports from some of our anglers fishing out wide at browns mountain and beyond that striped tuna are turning up in some numbers an hopefully this will bring the larger game fish and marlin in around our shores giving the trailer boats an opportunity to catch a trophy fish or two.

As always stay safe and enjoy the fishing.

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